Oil industry workers watch out for health of Cook Inlet

Posted: Friday, April 23, 2004

I have worked as an offshore platform operator in California and Alaska for over 20 years. I am a person just like you.

My family and I enjoy playing in our pristine waters just as much as you. We want them to remain healthy for years to come. I know and understand the responsibility we all have to protect our environment.

I carry the extra responsibility of making sure the offshore platform I am operating is a safe and environmentally clean operation at all times. It is a responsibility my colleagues and I take very seriously. The waters of Cook Inlet are healthy, despite what some would have you believe. Past studies prove this to be a true statement.

Those who tell you we are a profit-at-all-cost operation are not being truthful. Our company spends hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to make sure everyone on our facilities understands how important protection of our environment is and to provide us with the tools necessary to achieve this.

There is zero tolerance for anything that would jeopardize the health of Cook Inlet. I am very proud of what I do for a living supplying some of the energy needs of our country and lessening our dependence on foreign oil while protecting our environment.

Please don't buy into the agenda of the self-proclaimed environmental watchdog groups. They do have an agenda.

My only desire is to let you know those of us who work in the oil industry will continue to do our best to make sure we conduct clean and safe operations wherever we are. It is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Larry Fisk, Sterling

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