Anti-TV crowd missing lots of learning opportunities

Posted: Friday, April 23, 2004

Can you turn off TV for a week? The ignorance of the anti-TV crowd stuns me. TV used to be referred to as a vast wasteland. Now the wasteland is in the skulls of the anti-TV people. Not one person in this article has the vaguest idea what TV is available. They are not alone.

About a year ago I called Radio Shack and asked if they knew anyone who was receiving HDTV on C band. Whoever answered said "You cannot get HDTV on C band." Daaa! Now I get it and Discovery Theater makes my effort and expense worthwhile. Discovery Theater deserves an award for excellence, but who has ever seen it? Certainly not the anti-TV people.

People are giving away C band dishes and buying stationary dishes, becoming slaves to Dish Network. Dish Network, by selling only package deals, forces millions of people to pay for programs they will never view. That should be against the law. It's analogous to the local theater manager knocking on your door demanding money even if you never go there.

With the C band dish, you can go to NPS and pick your programs. Also, you need the movable C band dish for Free Vu. I bought a Free Vu receiver from my brother for $200. He preprogrammed over 1,000 channels for me.

Now, the anti-TV are laughing because they are taking the 1 percent of TV they are familiar with and multiplying it by 1,000. That's not how it works.

Several universities have programming on Free Vu. Want to learn to speak Chinese? Watch the Chinese channel. Want farming tips? Watch the farming channel, etc.

I am fed up with people who narrow their world down until there is little in it and then presume that their opinions are founded on something.

Mr. Thomas says that because this old geezer (me) watches TV, I have lost my social skills. That's true. I would love to discuss Frontline's recent coverage of the first camera crew into North Korea with Mr. Thomas, but I know he has not seen it so I withdraw from him and especially from women and lose my social skills.

The cognitive, however, I still have. Children are curious and should be fed loads of information so they know how things work. The Modern Marvels series on the History Channel should be a viewing requirement for children. I hope Drake continues to learn, but I remember how enamored we were with the seemingly intelligent Quiz Kids in the 1950s. Not one of them accomplished a thing.

Honda of Honda Motors, on the other hand, never finished high school. Look what he accomplished.

Has America become the land of the free and the home of the uniformed? In my mind it has.

Lyle Douglas Cole, Kasilof

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