Accusations easy to make

Posted: Monday, April 23, 2007

After reading the letter to the editor about small town justice (printed April 12). I can tell two things about the person who wrote it:

1. He has never been wrongfully charged of a serious crime in our small town.

2. He doesn’t read his papers very closely.

Did you miss the article in the Clarion that said the jury agreed to acquit Mr. Rogers early on? It was only after they were permitted to consider lesser chargers that they couldn’t decide whether Mr. Rogers contributed to Brian Black’s death or not (because it was Shawn’s gun).

How is manslaughter a slap on the wrist for someone who just had 2 1/2 years taken from him while he sat and waited for his trial to begin? Not able to work because he is on third-party custody and charged with first-degree murder. And now he is looking at possibly 20 more years, when the jury couldn’t even agree on if he pulled the trigger or not?

Everyone in our small town should do well to keep this in mind: Accusations are easy to make and very hard to disprove. Especially in a small town where the district attorneys are more worried about convictions than justice.

Jessica Mahurin


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