Thursday, April 24, 2003

One of twins in plane disruption pleads to theft charge
MANISTEE, Mich. (AP) One of the twin sisters arrested two years ago for rowdy antics that resulted in their plane being diverted to Anchorage has pleaded no contest to theft.

State files lawsuit against WorldCom money managers
JUNEAU (AP) -- Alaska is suing several financial institutions over bond losses caused by the collapse of telecommunications giant WorldCom.

Rules for halibut subsistence published
JUNEAU (AP) Residents of rural communities and Alaska Native groups with a tradition of subsistence fishing will be allowed to catch 20 halibut a day under new federal halibut subsistence fishing regulations that take effect May 15.

Begich wins mayoral contest
ANCHORAGE (AP) Mark Begich claimed victory in the Anchorage mayor's race Wednesday after a recount of more than 63,000 ballots.

Amsterdam opens cruise season, but later bookings slowed
JUNEAU (AP) -- The first cruise ship of 2003 will arrive in Juneau with a full load of passengers May 5, but the health of the rest of the season remains unclear.

Low prices due to poor quality, fish importer says
ANCHORAGE (AP) A major Japanese trading company

Senate committee passes relaxed lobbying law
JUNEAU (AP) The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill on Wednesday to relax the state's lobbying laws.

Carbon monoxide regulations working in many areas
WASHINGTON Once a far-reaching menace, carbon monoxide emissions from cars and pickups are now a stubborn problem mostly in the West, where weather and terrain tend to trap pollution, the National Academy of Sciences said Wednesday.

Finance Committee OKs raise in car registration
JUNEAU (AP) -- A bill boosting car license fees cleared the House Finance Committee on Tuesday.

Mayoral candidates want partial recount of recount
ANCHORAGE (AP) The Anchorage mayor's race has come down to a potential recount of a recount.

Fishing interests top donors to Murkowski war chest
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- In the first three months of the year, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski raised $155,000 for her bid to win a full term in office, according to a filing released by the Secretary of the Senate this week.

Education Department announces commissioner applicants
ANCHORAGE (AP) Three educators have applied to be commissioner of the state Department of Education and Early Development.

Troopers call off search for Canadian climbers
PETERSBURG (AP) Alaska State Troopers have called off the search for two Canadian climbers missing on the remote Devil's Thumb north of Petersburg, trooper Chris Umbs said on Tuesday.

Whittier drops head tax to lure Princess back
ANCHORAGE (AP) Princess Cruises is returning to Whittier in the 2004 season following a city council decision to repeal a $1 per passenger head tax on cruise passengers.

Bears destroy doors and more at Katmai Lodge
ANCHORAGE (AP) If there's a shortage of doors in Anchorage, blame the brown bears of Bristol Bay.

Alaska dog named Hero of the Year runner-up
ANCHORAGE (AP) An Alaska dog won second place in the Kibbles 'n Bits Dog Hero of the Year Award, the dog food company announced Wednesday.

Fort Yukon man faces sex assault charges
FAIRBANKS (AP) A 43-year-old Fort Yukon man has been accused of rape.

Charges against taxidermist dismissed
ANCHORAGE (AP) The state has dismissed charges against a Palmer taxidermist who was accused of illegal sales.

Elmendorf economic impact more than $700 million
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- The economic impact of Elmendorf Air Force Base on the Anchorage economy was an estimated $720 million last year, according to Col. Robertus ''Dutch'' Remkes, commander of the 3rd Wing.

Anchorage man attacked after sharing his faith
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A 19-year-old Anchorage man was attacked by two strangers when he tried to tell them about his Christian faith.

Bill would provide consumers with free credit reports
JUNEAU (AP) -- Consumers could get free credit reports under a bill that passed the Senate on Tuesday.

Board takes away physician assistant's license
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A physician assistant who had worked at the Anchorage jail has lost his license after pleading no contest to attempted sexual assault of an imprisoned patient.

Senate budget may avoid controversial cuts
JUNEAU (AP) -- Senate Republicans may preserve the longevity bonus for seniors in next year's operating budget, GOP leaders say.

Park Service updates Denali backcountry plan
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- The National Park Service is putting the finishing touches on a new backcountry management plan for Denali National Park and Preserve.

Mayoral candidates was partial recount of recount
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- The Anchorage mayor's race has come down to a potential recount of a recount.

Fairbanks borough planning chief to retire
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- The longtime community planning director for the Fairbanks North Star Borough has announced his retirement.

Chugach Alaska announces dividend
ANCHORAGE (AP) The Chugach Alaska Corp. has announced a dividend of $16 per share for its shareholders. The dividend will be mailed out next Thursday.

Bill would put 15 percent tax on car rentals
JUNEAU (AP) House Speaker Pete Kott wants to make travelers help pay for Alaska government by putting a 15 percent state tax on car rentals.

Expos enjoy home field advantage
MONTREAL -- Back in Canada, the Montreal Expos showed off their first-place team to their fans.

Orioles pitchers fold up White Sox
BALTIMORE Jason Johnson pitched six innings of one-hit ball and Jeff Conine hit a three-run homer as the Baltimore Orioles beat Bartolo Colon and the Chicago White Sox 7-1 Wednesday night.

Baseball issues Toronto SARS warning
NEW YORK When the Kansas City Royals play in Toronto on Friday, they'll be cautious about where they eat meals, with whom they spend time, and how they sign autographs for fans.

Maddux's mastery reddens Cardinals
ATLANTA Greg Maddux allowed three hits in seven shutout innings, and the Atlanta Braves beat the St. Louis Cardinals 4-2 Wednesday night for their eighth win in nine games.

Randa, Hernandez help Royals edge Twins
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Joe Randa hit a three-run homer and Runelvys Hernandez overcame wildness to win his fourth straight decision as the Kansas City Royals beat the Minnesota Twins 4-3 for their 15th victory in 18 games.

Business Briefs
Bed and Breakfast association to meet

Lawsuits seek 'dyed' label on farmed salmon
YAKIMA, Wash. A Seattle law firm is suing the country's three largest grocery chains, contending they failed to disclose to shoppers the coloring additives that turn farm-raised salmon pink.

Travel agents hit turbulence
Penny's Travel Agency in Kenai closed its doors at 6 p.m. on April 11. Owner Teena Dyer told a client several days before that she would continue business through that weekend.

OPEC expected to agree to curb production of oil
VIENNA, Austria (AP) Oil producers are pumping 2 million barrels a day in excess of the world's needs and OPEC members will study all the scenarios'' for restoring balance in crude markets, the cartel's president said Wednesday.

KPC aspiring artists show their skills in student show
The art department at Kenai Peninsula College has become a popular way of expanding one's skills at creating and appreciating art, for people pursuing it as a hobby or a career.

Pilot's story soars with thrilling details
Mercy Pilot: The Joe Crosson Story

Boutiques searching for crafts
Bad Girls of the North is seeking artists, artisans and crafters for its 2003 holiday unique boutiques. There will be an Anchorage show, a Fairbanks show and a Matanuska-Susitna area show.

What's Happening
Best Bets

Man who doused protesters with water responds to critics
Without a doubt many of you have chosen sides now, and you are more than eager to stand with those who have come against our government and soldiers.

Sterling once again shows support for kids, education
I would like to extend our sincere thanks to the many parents and community volunteers who gave so generously of their time and energy to make the annual Sterling Spring Carnival such a wonderful success.

KNA director's hard work, dedication is appreciated
Carol Segura recently resigned from the board of directors of Kenai Natives Association.

One-party control of government does not bode well for Alaskans
For most of my adult life I have considered myself to be a conservative and have pretty much been in agreement with the Republican agenda.

Idea behind Longevity Bonus is to help seniors stay in state
Gov. Murkowski and present legislators: Some of you may not have been in Alaska before it became a state. There were very few pension plans because most of the jobs were seasonal and, because of this, only Social Security was deducted. Therefore, there was only a little buildup of funds in Social Security for seniors to retire on.

Incident could inspire community to truly 'consider the children'
It deeply saddens me to be writing this letter. I've lived here for more than 25 years and never have been so disappointed in my community. When anyone in our community thinks a 44-year-

Kenai Builders Association helps to save lives in Alaska
Blood Bank of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula Center would like to say "thank you" to the Kenai Builders Association for hosting our first

Sydney Nicole Goggia
Sometimes literacy can change the lives of others. Sometimes literacy can save the lives of others. Literacy can boost other people's imagination so you can learn more.

Amber Lee
Literacy m

Samantha Bailey

Grades 7th & 8th winner: Taylor Karnikis
II am sure I began learning with all my senses at the start of my life. My family spent a lot

Doogun Seater
What literacy

Grades K-6th winner: Sasha Lily Davis
Literacy means experiences of different people, places, things. I travel within my own mind to many places and lands.

Quiana Dianne McElroy
I love to read! I read with you. I read about peacocks and the zoo. Read with me and I will read with you. I think reading is a good thing to do.

Kristen Nagle (First runner-up)
Reading is what makes me happy. It's what brightens my day. It makes me feel so warm inside all snug up with a book. I love to read, you should too! It's encouraging and great. I love literacy so much. It's a great thing.

Destiny Turnbull
Literacy means to me is when you can write or read something. And you can understand what you are writing and reading. And you can write in a model form. Literacy also is when other people can read it. And other people can understand it.

Emily Rogers (Runner-up)
Literacy is a special gif

Danielle Beeler
Why I love reading it's quite easy to see, just look at the title of a book and you'll see. Reading can take you to a fariy world, a dragon's castle, a giants home, or 20,000 leagues under the sea. I can't wait till I get ahold of another book.

Joy Wannamaker (Runner-up)
In some books I find information I never knew. My favorite kinds of books are adventure stories and books about animals.

Alex Smith
Reading is cool.

Breyer Luze (Runner-up)
It gives a chance to learn and enjoy it. I love literacy because I can grab it. It lets me express my feelings. Literacy is not a choice but a gift to me and you. I hope you're going like I did.

Savannah Smith
It helps your reading level go up! Reading is so fun. It helps my readding level go up! Reading can help our imagination.

Sarah Rife Age 11
Reading is my favorite thing to do. Reading means more than anything to me because I used to hate reading and thought it wasted time, but now I think of it as an opportunity. I thank all my teachers for that gift they gave me. Thank you!

Brandi Vienup
Literacy helps me read and write.

Megan Hardy
What does literacy mean to me, I ask myself as I write or read.

Kayleen Hansen
Literacy is important to me because

Hunter Jackinsky
Literacy means educated or able to read and write well. Literacy means to be able to reada 50 chapter book, to be able to read a menu, to be able to write a 50 chapter book or less. It means to be a story writer or reader. To me.

Wyatt Friedberg
I love literacy, it's great!! Now I'm going to tell you what literacy is. I hope you like what I write.

Elias Patten
Reading is cool because it will help you develop imagination and help you cooperate with others. But you can explore people and places, like Egypt. When you read a book it will help you develop writing skills.

Makenzie Moore
I like to read because it open

Deann Knight
Reading helps you learn ne

Cody Scloggins
What literacy means to me, is a good college, and a good job. I could be a writer. Sometimes I think I could write a very big book. Literacy must be fun. I love literacy. I could be an inventor.

Danielle Bilstad
Do you read?

Tony Dombovy
Everytime I read it always boosts up my imagination. It's important to read because you can learn more from one book. It is very fun to read. I enjoy having to do this because I love to read. When somebody reads he or she can learn more.

Jade Johnson
What literacy means to me...Literacy helps you expand your reading level. It helps your imagination grow. You can learn a lot from reading.

Tiffany Carlson
Reading is fun and important. It's fun because it's important. It's important because it's fun. There's a way you can make reading fun. Just ask questions when you're done, like what if the story went like this?

Amanda McDowell
Reading is fun! Reading is cool! You can do it now, don't be a fool! You can read. All teachers want you to do is read! Read! Read! Reading is fun, reading is cool. You can read it or you will drool.

Matthew Boulette
Literacy is fun to read. It really expands your imagination a lot when you think. So let's read. Read. Read. If you have quizzes on, literacy has so many books and stories that I would read them all.

Brittnay Walters
When I read "Harry

Mickey Nelson
You can learn lots of stuff. Like about people, places, and things. So you can learn how to fish, hunt, and how to write in cursive. You can learn lots of stuff. Like looking in the dictionary. I like to read.

Bo Reilly
I think literacy is an important thing to life. It helps you do a lot of things in life. It helps you read and write so you can get a great job. If nobody could read and write, the world wouldn't have near as much books. Im impressed about literacy.

Sara Williams
Literacy means a lot to me because you can learn what's going on in town or read a funny story or write one. You can lean so much from literacy. I use literacy every day in school or at home. Literacy is important to me. I love reading and writing.

Cody Esquiro
Litercay is the ability to read and write.

Dylan Nickle
Literacy is impor

Christina Garcia
Literacy is the ability to read and

Vanessa Sullens
Literacy is important to me because you can write checks. You can pass a drivers test. You need to be able to read so you can learn. You need to be able to write to read. Literacy helps us a lot in our state. Literacy helps us out.

Savannah Griffel
Literacy is important to me because if you don't know how to read or write you would be bad at your job. Literacy means to me because I want to know how to read the instructions to fix a car. If you can't read, you won't be able to learn anything.

Clancy Skipwith
Literacy is well known as "re

Jessica Wall

Cody Ellison
This is what literacy means to me.

Serena Woodin
If you ask me what literacy means to me, I will say "Literacy means to be able to continue with something you want to do." But it means more than that. I also think it means to have an ability to know how to do something. There's still lots more.

Miranda Endresen
Literacy is import

Timothy Griffith
Literacy is great to know because if you do not know it you can't get a job. I know that if our teachers did not teach us to read and write I could not write this essay. I like litercay because later in life I'll need it for college too.

Thomas Azzara
Reading is fun don't be a scum. Reading is cool! Don't be a fool, If you like to read you got to read a lot. Read to your teacher, read to a partner 1-or-2. If you have the same book, your partner will read to you!!

Sheila Marie Thayer
Reading is fun. Read

Cody Foster
Literacy is im

Desirae Chullans
I love to read. Because reading means a lot to me. Reading helps me learn about everything and you can learn about different people. Read a lot!

Hayley Bartlett
I have to have the knowledge. So I have to get into a college, writing books, and be a person to read to children. I need to know how to write so I can write books, and some checks. So that's why literacy is good in life.

Michelle Hernandez
It helps me learn. Every book that you open is like opening a window to another room. And reading opens your imagination. Books make you laugh. Books are fun, and exciting!

Kristopher Morse
To me literacy means reading and writing. You can have a better job. If you know literacy you can get a lot of money. If you want to write a book you should know literacy. If you want to build a rocket you have to know how to read and build the rocket.

Kinsey Martin
Literacy is important to me

Lucas Herrin
Literacy is i

Kelsey Miller
I love to read!!! You nead to read! Reading's cool!!! Reading can help you explore the zoo, don't forget timbuktu. Don't be a fool. Read in school. In a box, on a train, in the car, just don't get sick! Because I'll get sick!

Marcus A Roberts
I don't know what to write. There are so many things to write! Maybe I will write about "Whinnie the Pooh." I got it, I will right about "Prew and Timbuktu!" We will also read "Whinnie the Pooh!" I love to read.

Camron Dean Lotti

Newsmaker: Jimmie Johnson
Jimmie Johnson has been ranked among the top 10 in the Winston Cup Series point standings for all but three races in his young career. He returns to the California Speedway as the defending champion. He recently t

This week's race: Auto Club 500
WHERE: California Speedway in Fontana, Calif.

Race Schedule
Date Race (TV network) Winner

Ken Schrader still has fun despite 12 winless years
FONTANA, Calif. The other George Bush was president when Ken Schrader won his last race on the NASCAR Winston Cup Series circuit. But that doesn't mean he's forgotten how to win.

Points Leaders
1. Matt Kenseth 1,330

Season has seen variety in winners
FONTANA, Calif. The rare open weekend for Easter gave NASCAR a chance to look back at the first quarter of a season that doesn't end until Thanksgiving.

Money Leaders
1. Michael Waltrip $2,147,266

House bill pays more attention to animals
Neglected and abused domestic pets and livestock would get a faster response from Alaska's state veterinarian than afforded under current state statues if a bill introduced last week in the Alaska House becomes law, proponents say.

Coalition making headway for job training
A new coalition for improved career and technical education is gathering speed and partners.

School board meets; Budget balances, but...
The school board approved a budget for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District's 2004 fiscal year Monday night, but despite months of work on the document, there were no sighs of relief or celebrations.

Nikiski residents voice concerns over issue
Nikiski residents crowded into the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District's Board of Education meeting Monday night to argue against a plan to consolidate the two north peninsula elementary schools into a single building.

Noteworthy students, staff singled out
The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education honored a number of students and school workers with awards at its meeting Monday night.

Senate bill may allow gas spur to peninsula
Kenai Peninsula Borough oil and gas industry liaison Bill Popp expressed hope Tuesday that pending legislation at both the state and national levels will produce positive growth for Cook Inlet's oil and gas industries.

Harry Edgar Casson
Harry Edgar Casson died Monday, April 14, 2003, in his Anchorage home. He was 75.

Vivian D. Townsley
Soldotna and Sterling area resident Vivian D. Townsley died Friday, April 4, 2003, at Heritage Place Nursing Center in Soldotna. She was 95.

Reiner Tholke
Longtime Soldotna resident Reiner Tholke died Wednesday, April 2, 2003, at Providence Hospital in Anchorage after a long illness. He was 64.

Abigail Jean Sweatt
Abigail Jean Sweatt, infant daughter of Kevin and Kelli Sweatt of Soldotna, died Thursday, April 17, 2003, at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. She was 3 weeks old.

Teddy Paul Guthrie
Nikiski resident Teddy Paul Guthrie died Easter Sunday, April 20, 2003, at his home in Nikiski. He was 49.

Relentless diplomacy key to Mideast peace
Now that Americ

With war in Iraq over, different kind of combat renewed on homefront
War is over, which kicks off a new kind of combat: the race for the White House. Given President Bush's current popular success, frustrated Democrats are having to alter their attack strategy with an end around: Instead of only assailing the president, they are also openly lambasting his senior White House adviser, Karl Rove.

Prospects for peace in Mideast looking brighter than before
There are several reasons to be encouraged about the prospects for a breakthrough in the Mideast peace process.

Give-and-take needs to be restored at U.N.
With the shooting war in Iraq

Around the Peninsula
United Way to meet

Around the Peninsula
Relay for Life meeting plannedDrug speech canceledWarner to speak at North chamberBuilders association to meetSportsmen's banquet slatedBed and breakfast group to meetLong-term care seminar plannedFish canning workshop plannedFood reimbursement availableHost families needed

IDEA (Interior Distance Education of Alaska)
The fifth annual IDEA Curriculum Fair will be from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday at the Soldotna Sports Center. There will be workshops all day, and more than 60 tables of curriculum and other home-school related items will be available for sale.

Aurora Borealis Charter
Thanks to the Kenai Senior Citizens Center for the loan of the bingo basket for the school's annual enrollment lottery. The lottery results are posted at the school. If there are openings, families will be notified to set up times for testing.

Redoubt Elementary
The site council will meet at 3:45 p.m. Thursday in the conference room.

Mock trial offers chance to explore law
One member of the Soldotna High School mock trial team has an interest in environmental law, one joined the team because he may someday be a diplomat and another got into it because she had a crush on a guy in mock trial.

VFW poetry contest winners announced
First- through eighth-grade students from eight area schools participated in this year's American Flag Poetry program, sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Jerry V. Horn Memorial Post No. 10046 in Soldotna. The winners were:

School Menu
White or chocolate milk served at each meal.

Tustumena Elementary
Teachers currently featured in the front foyer include Ms. Cowart and Ms. Knobf.

Students of Month
The following students were named March Students of the Month at Mountain View Elementary School:

Montessori Charter
The kindergarten class is continuing its study of Australia. Students have learned about kangaroos and also studied the different terrain of the continent.

Area teams place at state competition
The Future Problem Solving state bowl competition was held in Soldotna last week with 19 teams from around the peninsula and from

KPC celebrates the arts with reception, dedication
KPC's annual "Celebration of the Arts," will take place at 3 p.m. Sunday. The event is sponsored by the KPC Showca

Area high school students carry home lessons from Russia
The group of students who recently returned from a trip to Russia came home with more than souvenirs; the teens said they also brought back a better understanding of world cultures and a renewed appreciation for their own country.

Soldotna Middle
Eighth-grade girls interested in playing volleyball at the high school level next year should contact a coach.

Study lists top concerns in public schools
WASHINGTON Ill-mannered pupils, demoralized teachers, uninvolved parents and bureaucracy in public schools are greater worries for Americans than the standards and accountability that occupy policy makers, a new study says.

Enrollment for the 2003-04 school year now is open. For more information about the program or to make an enrollment appointment, call 262-6315.

Honor Roll
The following students were named to the honor roll for the third quarter at Skyview High School:

Soldotna Elementary
Thanks to school secretary, Michelle Gabriel. Today is Secretary's Day and the school is honoring her for her outstanding dedication to students, staff and parents.

Kenai Cooperative Preschool
The preschoolers invited their fathers to school for homemade pretzels and root beer floats. Dads helped with woodworking, power tools, hammering nails, putting nuts on bolts and sanding and painting blocks of wood.

Mountain View Elementary
The volunteer lunch will be at noon Thursday in the library. All volunteers are invited to attend.

Wings Christian Academy
This week, Cassie Sutton made it to the 3,000s club. Naomi Pettey and Mathew Grant earned the cleanest desk awards. Brandon Ruffridge received one high school credit for completing English. Marcia Dutton had all four of her wisdom teeth pulled.

Kalifornsky Beach Elementary
Congratulations to all the students who participated in the talent show, and to the staff members who performed their version of "River Dance." Special applause to fourth-grader Aaron Hawbold for his Irish dancing.

Grace Lutheran
Students at Grace Lutheran are back at school after having Good Friday off. Students had the opportunity to participate in the Easter morning worship service at Grace Lutheran Church with speaking parts and singing.

Seattle searches for new school superintendent
SEATTLE (AP) City School Board members have agreed on a national search to find a new superintendent but not on a timetable for finishing the job.

Cook Inlet Academy
The parent-teacher fellowship will meet at 7 p.m. Monday. The fourth- through sixth-graders will provide entertainment.

Soldotna High
The prom will be Saturday. Promenade and coronation of royalty will begin at 8 p.m. in the auditorium. Admission t

No more free rides Cash-strapped schools turn to busing fees
BOSTON Lawmakers and school officials have a stark message for parents who think their taxes already pay for school bus transportation: No more free rides.

Peninsula Grace Preschool
Students spent last week on the theme of Easter. They learned about Jesus and his life, death and resurrection. Students did a great painting project.

Kenai Central High
The Masonic Outstanding Student Awards Night will be at 7 p.m. Thursday at KCHS.

Iron Dog members, board to meet
The Tesoro Iron Dog board of directors will hold its annual membership meeting at 5 p.m. today. Topics of discussion will include board president comments on the 2003 race, membership, 2004 race dates and entry fees, committee opportunities and input from the public.

Elder Andretti walks away from Indy crash
INDIANAPOLIS Mario Andretti crashed during a practice session for the Indianapolis 500, his car sailing through the air Wednesday and flipping end over end.

Skyview's Barnes to play at Pima
Skyview senior Mikael J. Barnes has signed to play football at Pima Community College in Tuscon, Ariz. Barnes is a 6-4, 240-pound offen

Wild, Canucks clinch series wins
PHILADELPHIA -- With their season on the line and memories of recent playoff failures on their minds, the Philadelphia Flyers came through with their most dominant performance.

Philadelphia refuses to give protected home to Hornets
PHILADELPHIA Allen Iverson didn't have to do all the scoring this time.

Stars brave wind for soccer wins
Playing into the teeth of a loaded-with-cold wind, the Seward girls soccer team faced quite a competitive disadvantage in the first half Tuesday in a 5-0 loss to host Soldotna High School.

NHL playoffs feature some new contenders
Three Game 7s in one night closed out the first round of the NHL playoffs, leaving Detroit and Colorado the past two champions on the outside looking in on some new clubs in the race for the Stanley Cup.

Bucks, Timberwolves even series
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Milwaukee Bucks fixed all their Game 1 mistakes except for one, which was just good enough to get a win.

Photo feature: Warming up
Jillian Nelson swings at a tennis ball while playing with her sister Allison and "coach" dad, Jim, at Kenai Central High School on Wednesday afternoon. Recent warmer weather has brought people outside. Today's high is expected to hit 53.

The Bengals are on the clock. Do they want to be?
NEW YORK -- Nothing goes right for the Cincinnati Bengals, even when they own the No. 1 choice in the NFL draft.

American attitude infuriates
This is what makes the rest of the world so mad: All last week, in Olympic-sized headlines that stretched from Down Under to just north of the border, America's image took a pounding.

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