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Posted: Friday, April 24, 2009

Whoa Troy! Why so harsh (Clarion, April 10)? You won! You and your forces have banished the Dub and his neocons back to the caves from whence they came. You sound like you want to assault someone. Take your medication and simmer down. I'm personally sleeping much better now knowing that the French and Hamas don't hate us quite as much. Once the pirates get the Obama news, well, the sky is the limit.

And dear LaDawn (Druce), I'm sorry your sensibilities have been bruised by that cad Carey (Clarion, April 10). To think, KSRM, how pedestrian. Better to have sent engraved invitations for a clandestine meeting away from the public eye to discuss these perceived budget issues, perhaps over foie gras and a nice Riesling.

Nah! I'm a North Roader, one of the great unwashed. I'm all for KSRM as a venue. Get over it LaDawn, it's called openness and transparency. These are borough owned and financed enterprises.

We, the "stakeholders" are the borough. We collectively own and fund these enterprises through the mill rate. So yes, LaDawn, I agree with you, we should express our opinion to our perspective assembly members. We should support Mayor Carey's budget review of all borough largess, especially entities with a $9 million slush fund.

Gary James


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