Oil companies bringing down belugas

Posted: Friday, April 24, 2009

This is in regards to an article I read about beluga whales and how their numbers have continued to drop for the past 10 years, even after the hunting of the beluga whale was curtailed in 1999.

Cook Inlet is basically a "protected" waterway, compared to the Pacific or Atlantic oceans, and Cook Inlet has had authorized pollution since the "mixing" zone was established for oil companies to legally pollute the waters of Cook Inlet.

People who have swam in the Gulf of Mexico since Hurricane Katrina are contracting cancers and other diseases because of the toxicity of the Gulf due to petroleum and its pollutants after the hurricane. What makes anyone think that the relatively protected Cook Inlet would be any different?

Our beluga whales have cancers. Where do you think they encountered the cause(s) of said cancers? I believe it is due to greedy oil companies who are allowed to pollute the waters of Cook Inlet legally.

Oil companies are bringing around the demise of the beluga whale by our representatives coming up with a way for the oil companies to get around pollution standards. Is this more of the same greed that is bringing our great country to its knees? What will they do when there is no longer any clean water to drink and they have killed off most wildlife that is part of our food supply because of the greed?

Unfortunately ,those two problems are in our foreseeable future.

Roxy Mills


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