It is no one's right to assault someone who thinks differently

Posted: Friday, April 25, 2003

I'm a very politically conservative and opinionated Alaskan.

The recent dousing in Soldotna concerns me. It worries me that Mr. Webster and his supporters believe it is OK to assault people who think differently than they do.

I work in the emergency department, with one of the protesters. We often have arguments regarding the war. We are both passionate, and it can get loud, but we are friends (liberals and conservatives friends?). If Alaskans knew these people, they would hang Mr. Webster by his manhood. The man I work with is a doctor who

takes very good care of our citizens, no matter what their beliefs are. He and his wife volunteer for various things in the community and would give the shirts off their backs if someone needed it.

I have a feeling that liberal thinkers cannot trust Mr. Webster the same way. If he stopped at an accident, would he first ask what party they were affiliated with?

Whether conservatives like it or not, we all have the right to peaceably assemble and express our beliefs, as long as it doesn't physically interfere with the lives of others. Our country was built on protests. We would not be free if we had not fought for what we believed was right.

These people were not attempting to harm Mr. Webster. They were miles from his home. They did not wait for him to drive by to pull out their signs. It isn't even an active defiance against America; more of a waste of time in my mind, but it doesn't hurt me.

Mr. Webster has not acted like a man. He threw water on two old women (one of them being my co-worker's wife), in 20 degree weather, then ran. They did not scatter, but stood their ground, soaking wet.

The next time Mr. Webster threw water, my friend was waiting for him. When the water started flying, my doctor ran after his vehicle, and yelled for him to stop. Mr. Webster did not stop ... he ran again.

He's a lucky man. If he had stopped, he would have had some respect pounded into him and my friend would have taken his punishment like a man.

If it had been any other Alaska man's wife, Mr. Webster would have paid the price back in his driveway and not forgotten it until he could see through his eyelids again, four to six weeks later.

Mr. Webster accomplished nothing more than proving you can fire up a pacifist. Mr. Webster has acted like an ass, and any man who applauds his cowardice is an embarrassment to real men. Like Hitler, Mr. Webster and his friends feel it is their place to decide who is acceptable in our society and make an example of the unacceptable.

I can guarantee that when Mr. Webster comes to the emergency department, and needs his life saved (everyone does sooner or later), my friend will not hesitate. Unlike Mr. Webster, my doctor treats everyone the same.

Does Mr. Webster understand that his son is fighting for these very freedoms?

Anderson Stiel Fannon, Kasilof

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