Living within a budget today replaced with 'give me' mentality

Posted: Friday, April 25, 2003

I would like to make a response to Mr. McLeod's letter printed in the Peninsula Clarion on April 21.

I am not a dentist, married to a dentist, nor employed by a dentist, but am a long-time patient of a local dentist. I have raised a family on the Kenai, used both medical and dental facilities here and have never been refused service. Oftentimes I have made payments to these facilities over a period of time for services rendered. Payment plans are offered by several of the local dentists I called this week.

We didn't have a new SUV parked in the drivewa or expensive toys for winter and summer, but we did manage to pay our bills. The problem today is that the word "budget" is missing from the vocabulary and has been replaced by the words "give me."

A person is required to attend school for eight years to receive a degree as a doctor of dental surgery. This person is then certified by the state in which he or she wishes to practice. This person has all the usual and normal expenses of any business, plus the expense of malpractice insurance. The cost of this professional's services is no more exorbitant than any other professional that I choose to visit.

Perhaps the next time Mr. McLeod has a toothache, he should go to his family physician who shares the "charity load"!

Sue Coup, Nikiski

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