Reader questions borough spending

Posted: Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Are the following “urban legends” fact or fiction?

— Borough employees have cell phones provided by the borough?

— KPBSD receives over $10,000 per child enrolled in local school district, while home-schoolers receive less than $2,000?

— Some borough jobs include a car allowance even if they don’t require travel (ie: Nikiski pool manager)?

— Benefits are available upon hiring to borough employees and school district employees?

— Our borough clerk received a $6,000/year raise after six months on the job?

— Projects like the 911 center cost well over $1 million, but are broken into “smaller bites” so that they don’t have to go before the public for votes?

— People like Bill Popp receive over $70,000/year for a job without a title. (Remember Mr. Mayor, he was hired as part of your “transition team”!)

Personally if any of the above are true, I’d like to find a job in the private sector that provides benefits without a probationary period, pays for my commute, gives raises after six months, provides a cell phone and pays salaries as high as the borough. I’d also like to hold the borough accountable for their spending and see an audit. Since I’m a taxpayer (income, sales, property and whatever other tax they can create), I believe I’m entitled to see where my money is going, and what I’m paying for!

Jenna Gibbons


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