Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The snow has finally pretty well melted for spring of 2007 as we all look forward to summer. Leaving behind huge puddles of water in various places and helping to create another problem for us Alaskans to have to deal with. With melting snow and the frost coming out of the ground each year we also have some very muddy conditions on some of our roads and trails.

The same problem every year and those of us who live here year round know that at this time of the year it is not wise to be running our 4 wheelers or 4 wheel drive vehicles in these areas. But yet each year we have those few who have no regard for other people’s property or care what the destroyed land they leave behind looks like.

A few years ago there was a new pipeline put in on Echo Lake Rd. and after the pipeline was put in, the grass was replanted and the area sprayed with the green fiber to hold everything in place till the grass got started. Well my friends it never had a chance as kids on 4 wheelers tore it up so bad the grass never got started. Deep ruts were cut into the soil and the whole area was tore up and ruined before it ever had a chance. After each rain the ruts filled with water and besides creating an eye sore they permanently killed off the grass.

I will admit I called the troopers on several occasions to report the destruction being done in this area. I observed these kids destroying this area on several days and feel it is just plain wrong to do this regardless of your age.

This spring I observed an adult running on the trail along K-Beach Road with several kids in very muddy conditions. The 4 wheelers and the children were covered in mud as was the adult let alone the damage done to the property along K-Beach. Great I thought now we even have our adults teaching kids the destructive ways of the 4 wheelers. Most of this property is privately owned and once again destroyed by a few people with no regard for the property of others.

I have seen 4 wheelers buried to the motors along K-Beach several times. Did I stop to help them you ask? No. When people are doing destructive damage to our community or roadside property they can expect no help from me.

Then there are the official mud boggers that strike every year and tear up our roads and fire lanes each spring. Big tires, big rigs, and big holes chewed through the soft soil with no regard for whose property it belongs to or who would also like to use this property once it dries out.

Do I blame the landowners or the other people who want to use this property later for getting mad about it? Not one bit and if you think I’m over reacting go check out some of these areas yourself. Imagine some of this destroyed property belonging to you and then ask how you would feel about having someone come in every year and destroying it? I see this issue eventually being dealt with and new laws that will unfortunately punish everyone and hopefully protect the landowners as well as the people of Alaska.

Yes the 4 wheelers and the 4-wheel drive are wonderful recreational vehicles but when they are rode in an irresponsible destructive manner there ought to be a bounty on them. At the very least impounded till the operator of them can learn to use them in a safe non-destructive manner. Parents are your children involved in this? Or was it you I saw riding on K-Beach near Vaughn’s covered in mud, too? Alaska belongs to all of us and no one should have the right to destroy any part of it under the pretense of having fun!

See you next week!

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