People should come together on borough issues

Posted: Wednesday, April 26, 2006

“Domestic terrorists,” “government gangsters,” “bureaucratic bandits”? It would seem that the raging debate on borough management, borough budgets and borough services is becoming very nonproductive. For Mayor Williams and the borough assembly, I suggest they print, as soon as possible in the Clarion, the complete borough budget and a complete list of the services the borough budget provides, such as hospital and health care, emergency services, law enforcement, road construction and maintenance, trash landfill, education, et al, including any budget shortfalls.

For those who believe the borough government is too big or mismanaged, or our taxes are too high, etc., I suggest they (in concert) publicly state (in the Clarion) which of the listed published borough services must be reduced or eliminated, with specific reasons why each service should be reduced or eliminated. I believe, if this were to happen, the ongoing debate might better be understood by all borough residents, and, as a result, the debate might have a productive outcome for all of us.

It has been my experience that honest disagreements (no game playing!) among reasonable people, reasoning together, can have a positive outcome for all parties. Some might even call it a true democratic process. Why not give it a try?

Richard Hahn


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