Support for immigrants riles veteran reader

Posted: Thursday, April 27, 2006

The object of electing a senator or congressman is to select an employee who will carry out and represent the wishes of those who employ him. In the business world if that employee does not do so, he is terminated.

The reason for this message is to convey the sorry manner in which our senators and congressmen are handling a grave situation concerning the illegal immigration of some 11 or 12 million Mexicans who are in our land illegally and without a doubt are felons under the circumstances. They are being defended by these illustrious senators and congressmen, who wish to secure their illegal votes to bolster and protect their doubtful futures.

It is a sorry shame that many thousands of brave men of my generation laid down their lives, to let the likes of these sell our land down the tube.

It is apparent that these congressmen and senators are selling out those that defended this land so bravely.

I suppose their reward for assisting the Mexicans will be a free trip to Mexico City for their “Victory Parade.” Will all of you have to learn to speak Spanish fluently? I hope that come election time, there will be lot of pink slips turning up in Washington.

A. Harry Wyka


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