Sen. Murkowski should hold out

Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2005

I see Sen. Lisa Murkowski is going to come under attack from Focus on the Family because she has not yet surrendered to their demands on the filibuster rule change. I surely hope she resists that pressure because as I e-mailed her, I think it is a bad move for her career, for Alaska and the country.

Sen. Bill Frist wants to run for president so bad he can taste it. He is willing to do anything to get the support of the hypocritical "social conservatives" no matter what long-term harm it may do to the country. Frist only cares about support in 2008!

Murkowski is in line for a long career in the U.S. Senate. As I e-mailed her, history proves the Democrats will someday, if not in 2006, then 2008, retake control of the Senate. Only fools believe their own bull pucky that Republicans will control forever.

Bush and Frist will be long gone, but Lisa will still be there dealing with the fallout. Fallout that could block things Alaska will badly need. Lisa should not sell out Alaska's future to make Focus on the Family shut up.

If Republicans kill the filibuster rule now, future minority Republicans will be unable to challenge what could be to them an odorous judicial choice. Think about that, short-term thinkers.

Are some of Bush's more radical choices for the federal courts worth the fall out for the country? As a point of fact nearly all of Bush's appointees have been approved.

The problem seems that Focus on the Family and other similar groups only wants judges they think will bow to their demands. Do we want to become the next Iran with ultimate control in the hands of the self-appointed religious leaders? I pray not!

I trust Alaskans will have enough sense to ignore the whines of outside self-interests and urge Lisa Murkowski to just say no!

William Phillips, Kenai

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