Record still not straight on oil

Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2011

In reference to the column, "Setting the record straight on America's oil" (Peninsula Clarion, Voices of Alaska, April 25, 2011), Sen. Lisa Murkowski didn't set the record straight at all. In fact she deceived and mislead the people even more. Read her article again. Do you see something missing from her "explanation" of why gas prices are so high? Here's a hint: There's no shortage of wheat, corn, cotton, gold or silver, and yet those prices are skyrocketing at the same rate as gas prices.

Someone who knows the truth needs to tell Lisa that it's not about the quantity of oil. In fact right now there is a world glut of oil and the Saudis are cutting back production.

Lisa: It's about inflation and the collapsing dollar. It's your fault and the fault of your fellow gangsters in Washington who have destroyed the economy. Don't blame the oil industry. It's you and the uncontrolled spending, the Federal Reserve, the corporations that own and control you and the other corrupt political pawns. It's the bail-outs, TARP, the wars, foreign aid, the lobbyists and your refusal to take the blame for it all. Don't blame it on the shortage of oil. There is no shortage of oil. There's a shortage of honesty and guts.

Norm Olson, Nikiski

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