Protesters object to war; their beef is not against those in military

Posted: Tuesday, April 29, 2003

If a simple yes/no survey was taken of the "Webster Water War" incident, I believe the results would show Mr. Webster could fit the total of his supporters in the bed of his pickup (they could sit on upturned buckets)!

Mr. Webster, how many of us need to write and remind you this is America. Your conduct was certainly UN-American. Your son is in a foreign country fighting for their freedom and here you are at home fighting (albeit one-sided) for the opposite. Why were you slinging your choice of ammunition (because it was a weapon) at innocent people on a street corner? Is it because you are a narrow-minded, bigoted bully having a big fat tantrum?

Those people on that corner were not demonstrating against your son, they were demonstrating against the concept of war. I'd be willing to bet if push came to shove, those very same people would step up to bat and be your son's right hand.

But you, sir, wouldn't have noticed because you would have been too busy filling up your buckets and gassing up your truck so you could make one of your great escapes!

I personally think you should have/should be arrested for assault (with shades of terrorism)! You, sir, have the right to demonstrate, you do not have the right to attack. Why weren't you on the opposite corner waving your banners? Somehow I think when your son comes home and has access to the 100 percent of this picture he is not going to be very proud of you!

I certainly hope since you have become a public figure you don't have aspirations of rising to office because your actions have proven you are nothing more than a poorly educated Saddam Wanna-be trying to force your will.

And thank you, Clarion, for letting me have my say.

D.J. Wik


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