Posted: Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One would almost have to be living in a very remote place with no way of hearing the news at all not to know what a very messed up world we live in. It seems that for much of the world there are no moral values regarding anything, anymore.

Imagine being out in Cook Inlet and fishing halibut in your boat when suddenly you're surrounded by several boats with pirates armed with AK47 rifles. They board your boat and you and your family are taken hostage. After ransacking your boat and terrorizing your family for several days you are all finally rescued by the U.S. Military. Yes, there was some bloodshed involved mainly because our military snipers very seldom miss their target and yes sometimes the targets are just plain stupid too.

The following days other members of these bands of pirates threatened our military by saying they will retaliate as the U.S. Military is now their number 1 enemy. Hello! Did anyone ever tell any of you yahoo's stealing is wrong and that part of our federal tax dollars is spent on protecting us? How can anyone actually be so stupid to think you can actually behave in this manner and expect to survive?

Here in the United States hunters have feared for years that eventually we may lose our rights to hunt or even own firearms. Most recently gun owners have been scared to death about losing their right to bear arms whether for personal protection, shooting or hunting. Well if this was the plan of the present administration I think it back fired. Gun sales are up over 400% in some places and if that is new gun control I think it has already failed. Or at least the public has made a statement as to what they really feel about this matter. President Obama has been called the number one gun salesman in the world and there has already been more guns sold in his first 100 days of being president then under any other president.

Through the years we all collect treasures of some type or another. In some cases it may be a huge collection of pictures; perhaps ceramic bears are on the shelves of some collector's mantel above the fireplace. Maybe you collect different kinds of coffee cups or antiques of some kind. We all collect stuff of all kinds as we are all different and yet each one of us treasures the stuff we collect. So think about whatever it is that you collect or have accumulated throughout your life.

Now imagine the government telling you we don't want you to have those hard heavy coffee mugs anymore because someone some place threw one at someone and caused a death. Are you going to march right down town and turn them in? Of course not because you know they are not dangerous nor have you ever committed a crime with any of them.

I couldn't imagine someone telling my 73 year old mother that her ceramic owl and bear collection had to be registered and would eventually be taken away from her. Anyone attempting this takeover of her collection would have to endure the wrath of a very angry woman and trust me that would not be a very pleasant situation.

To me my friends, someone threatening to take my firearms away from me is the same thing. I have owned guns all my life and have never committed a crime with any of them nor have I ever shot anyone with any of them. I have worked and paid for every gun I own except for the two that I received as gifts. One Colt 22 rifle came from my father for my 18th birthday and family friend Fred Maier gave me a 44 Magnum pistol. The sentimental value of these two guns to me is beyond mentioning and two of the treasures in life that I accumulated and value the most. Yes my guns are registered but no I do not want to give them up either.

I not only love to collect a few guns but I also like to hunt as well and I keep all my firearms locked up at all times. My children are taught gun safety here at home and also shown how dangerous a gun can be if used unsafely. I personally think all children should be taught gun safety in school whether the parents own any guns or not. Would you want your child going to a friend's house and handling a gun without having any knowledge about that gun at all? I know I would want my children to be trained on gun safety whether they chose to hunt or not just because nearly all homes in Alaska have at least one gun.

While you are waiting for the frost to leave the ground and the yard to dry up think about our rights here in the U.S. as well as the turmoil in other parts of the world. Keep your eyes open for pirates and plenty of shells around just in case they too become impossible to find. See you next week!

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