Hero of the week

Posted: Monday, April 30, 2001

I just got home from the hospital. Whoever took me there saved my life. I wrote a thank-you card but nobody will tell me who to send it to. If you put it in the paper, everybody will know how thankful I am! Here is what it says:

Alaska Cab Angel

There's nothin' so rosy, so comfy an' cozy,

As lazin' at home all alone ...

It's utterly shockin' when pain stops yer rockin',

Ya desper't'ly grab fer the phone:

"Oh, cab drivin' man, come quick as you can;

My ticker is tuckered in shock!"

He packed me, I guess; I gotta confess:

I woke in ER with the doc!

They hospitaled me with pills and IV

'Til I mended, as fit as can be.

"So come get your fare, you answer to prayer,

There's nobody thankfuler'n me!"

Alice Schmitt


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