Posted: Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Each time I am able to go for a period of time here without making plans for another hunting and fishing trip some place I actually get some things done here at my home. This winter I was able to get some things fixed or repaired around my home that I have been meaning to do for several years. Even though I do not profess to be a carpenter or a plumber, I can usually get my jobs finished in somewhat of a respectable manner. Looking at the pictures of the nice bear I shot on Kodiak Island last fall has been enough motivation to keep me going without having the craving to plan new hunting or fishing trips just yet.

So all is well at the Perkovich home, I tore up the carpet in the master bathroom, tore out the toilet (don't panic we still have 2 other bathrooms besides the woods isn't that far away) and put in a new toilet and new linoleum. I even let my wife pick out the color she wanted put back down that way if it looked like a real amateur did it perhaps I could somehow blame it on her color selection!

Right in the middle of this project I got a phone call from my friends the Caraway family in Beluga Alaska. The phone conversation went something like this, "Hey when you coming over here?" They caught a 42-inch Pike from the Lake here! The trapping convention is up at Fairbanks want to ride up there with us? My first thoughts are; Well we do have two other bathrooms besides I sure would like to go to the trapping convention and Pike fishing! For a period of time my construction projects was on hold as I pondered what was going to be my next Alaskan adventure.

Due to my work schedule at Kuupik H&R Drilling I was unable to take part in any of these events and my bathroom project was completed. Surprisingly it came out pretty nice and I 'm not even ashamed to tell people the old braggarts' line of "It is a good job, it is, it is, I did it myself, I did, I did!

I spent a lot of extra days working our drilling rig this winter. In fact at one stretch I worked 61 out of 71 days. Trying to stay focused and keep my mind on my work became a challenge especially when Mr. Jim Benson showed me pictures of his elk hunts in Wyoming and invited me to go along next fall! A 15 mile horseback ride to elk and bear hunting paradise....

Then there came the job of removing the garbage disposal from under my kitchen sink and replacing that spot with simple drainpipes. Know what I think about garbage disposals with a private sewer system? Grrrr !* !!# *** (Please don't get me started.)

After several trips to the plumbing stores I FINALLY come up with just the right connection to finish the project. Well this piece is plastic and it needs to hook up to the bottom of the sink, which is metal! Then I can reattach the dish washer and have that water go also go down the drain instead of on the kitchen floor like it did on my first leak test! Guess what? It won't fit because the threads are different So while laying on my kitchen floor partially under my sink frustrated over this simple job not going right my kids hand me the phone, it is my cousin Tim Von Haden calls and asks, did you see my goat hide I got back from Roger at Northland Wildlife studio?" I replied no. He goes on to say, "It is already tanned and looks beautiful." My mind goes to that special hunt and once again I think about the mountain ledge where I sat and watched Tim stalk and shoot his mountain goat.

I lay partially under the sink day dreaming about this hunt while trying to get my mind off why I am here in the first place! Again my phone rings and again my children say "Dad phone call for you!" It is Tim Herrick this time and he excitedly tells me about Steve Dambacher and him shooting the techno hunt game down at my Archery shop. Finally he asks, "What are you doing" so I explain the whole story to him and he shares one of his plumbing nightmares with me about being under the sink. His final words on the subject are "They don't make the piece I need to finish my drain system!''

I tell Tim good bye and now lay there more frustrated than ever when my wife walks in and says "What are you doing?' I replied "Just thinking, I always crawl up under here to think!" Sensing something is wrong you ask, What is the matter? I replied this stupid dishwasher drain piece will not, I repeat will not fit on here. It is the wrong thread but I cannot find this piece made out of metal like it needs to be! She says let me try, sometimes smaller hands work better. I think ya right, small hands are going to make this turn together? Ok, go ahead I give up. So in a couple minutes my wife says, "Well, It is on there! So I look under the sink and yes it is on there, cross-threaded but on there! She says what do you think? I said there is nothing a couple good turns with pipe wrench shouldn't fix. Hey guys it don't leak and if any of you see my wife Taby a simple "Good job Taby will do!"

So I have some ceiling tiles to replace, a shelf my wife wants put up, moose feet gun holders to put up, fish mounts to hang, medicine cabinet to put up just to name a few of my many projects still to do. In the meantime My Uncle Jim calls and wants me to meet him and my father in North Dakota to go Paddle fishing. Monte Kanta calIs and wants me to send in for an Antelope hunting tag with him. Another friend wants me to go hunting bear in Minnesota this fall. While yet another friend from Wisconsin wants to come here hunting next fall.

If any of you are ever facing anything like this and has a lot of distractions like I have, do the next best thing call Donald Phillips and have him come over and professionally finish your projects for you. That way you can get serious about your hunting and fishing plans and don't spend long periods of time half under your sink pretending you're a plumber.

See you next week!

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