Webster's arguments for dousing protesters just don't hold water

Posted: Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Jeff Webster just doesn't get it! His laughable attempt to justify his actions in his letter published April 24 sheds further light on his self-glorified, misdirected efforts.

You are right Jeff, most of us have taken sides, and I have yet to find anyone in support of your immature cowardly acts.

I am still troubled by the treatment my fellow soldiers and I received during and upon returning from Vietnam. We were openly criticized by many as though it was our decision to risk our lives in a faraway land. However, even at my young age, I was able to understand the rights of those that I disagreed with.

I am curious as to what Jeff and Wayne Anthony Ross deem appropriate in this "harmless" assault on these peaceful demonstrators. Is it OK to spit on them, maybe urinate on them, anything that does not require a trip to the emergency room? Where do you draw the line in your brave hit-and-run expression of frustration?

In an attempt to justify his actions, Jeff trumps up all kinds of scenarios that could gain support like flag burning and spitting on soldiers. The fact of the matter is that this group was silent and docile each time I passed them and even though I did not support their cause, I respect their right to peacefully protest.

Your justification just doesn't hold water, Jeff. Quite the opposite, the fact that you videotaped your actions to further your self-glorification really tells it all for me. You like attention, and this was a sorry means to gain it in our community (or any other that I know of), and your attempt at justification was even sorrier.

Irv Carlisle , Soldotna

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