Alaskan Independence Party denies affiliation with candidate

Posted: Friday, April 30, 2004

Fraud is being perpetrated on the Alaska voters by Daniel DeNardo, Alaska candidate for the U.S. Senate, by pretending to be affiliated with the Alaskan Independence Party.

The Alaskan Independence Party declines any support or recognition of Mr. DeNardo as a representative of the Alaskan Independence Party for candidacy of the U.S. Senate. We cannot allow people like Mr. DeNardo to deceive the Alaska voters.

Mr. DeNardo has violated our bylaws which have been approved by the federal Justice Department. He did not attend or address the 2004 state convention to seek the endorsement of the Alaskan Independence Party. Only those candidates endorsed by the Alaskan Independence Party may run as A.I.P.'s candidates in the primary or general elections in the state of Alaska.

Any candidate who fails to attend and present their candidacy at the state convention may face a challenge by the party to the Alaska Division of Elections as failing to meet the party's requirements for candidacy under these bylaws.

Linda Winkelman, Chair, Alaskan Independence Party

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