Pair acquitted of Ketchikan murder arrested a week later

Posted: Wednesday, May 01, 2002

KETCHIKAN (AP) -- Two men who were acquitted of murder April 19 have been arrested in Klawock.

Terry Simpson and Joshua Anderson, who were found guilty of theft in the case, are accused of violating the conditions of their release Friday.

After the verdict, the men were released on cash bail under their parents supervision until sentencing in June. They were ordered not to contact each other or consume alcohol.

The two men were charged with killing Steve Perry, 36, of Saxman, during a robbery last July. Perry, also known as David Blair, was found dead on the stairs of the Ziegler Law Firm in Ketchikan.

On Friday, Klawock police saw Simpson, 20, and Anderson, 21, together in the Prince of Wales community, and Simpson appeared intoxicated. According to court records, a breath test indicated the presence of alcohol and Simpson admitted drinking alcohol.

After their arrest, Simpson and Anderson were released to their parents. They must now be in their presence 24 hours a day instead of merely under their supervision.

During the murder trial, District Attorney Steve West said Simpson and Anderson met Perry at the Pioneer Cafe sometime after 2 a.m. on July 26. Both sides agreed Perry had a fetish for smelling men's socks, and the defendants planned to trick Perry into paying them $25 to smell their socks.

Perry and the defendants then went to a grocery store where the victim wrote two checks for a total of $45.

The three then took a taxi back downtown. The taxi driver testified during the trial that the three men walked away from the taxi together. The defense argued the defendants were trying to ditch Perry at that point, and they walked from the taxi without him.

West said the defendants led Perry to the doorway of the law office under the pretense of letting him smell their socks. He said they then assaulted Perry and took his money.

Both sides agreed Anderson punched Perry in the mouth that night, causing him to fall backward and hit his head.

The state claimed the defendants assaulted Perry to rob him, and the defense claimed that Anderson was defending himself from a sexual assault.

Sentencing for the theft conviction is set for June 17.

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