Golfers get early opening

Posted: Thursday, May 01, 2003

Kenai Golf Course set its own record for the earliest official opening since 1986. The greens are in use and the range is open. After a very strange winter that was unkind to skiers, ice skaters and snowmobile enthusiasts, it is wonderful to see golfers reaping the benefits of that extremely bizarre and mild winter. Who would believe that golfers would be on the greens by April 26 at Kenai Golf Course? The golf carts will go out as soon as the course is ready for them.

Golfers are smiling and testing out new equipment and swings. Many golfers will agree this is indeed the most exciting time of the golfing season with golfers anticipating the golfing season. What a time to have all five months of golfing ahead of us!

The driving range renovation has been completed with thick new mats and safety rails. The new pond between the 16th green and the 15th fairway was put in this winter. The pond will affect the playing strategy of the 16th green for many golfers, but most importantly the pond will serve as a draining pond for that wet area. The ladies 15th tee moves up beyond that "cotton field" that was difficult to get over for many.

The only rate change this season is the nine-hole rate. The rate for playing nine holes will increase by a dollar. The rate for weekday nine-hole play will be $10 and the weekend nine-hole rate will be $12. Kenai Golf Course remains one of the biggest bargains in the state.

Mixed Doubles

The mixed doubles play will get started May 12 with tee times starting at 6:30 p.m. Just call your tee time in to confirm your time. Mixed doubles is open to all players with any skill level. It is an informal get-together for mixed teams. No long-term commitment is necessary, just show up on any Monday with your partner.

Ladies Night

Tuesday evening has been designated as ladies night. All ladies are invited to play at 6 p.m. on Tuesday evenings. Tee time will be 6 p.m. and 6:10 p.m. starting May 13. So, ladies, get your clubs and golfing friends and show up May 13.

Kenai Cup

The 2003 Kenai Cup is getting organized and sign-up slips went out in the mail and also are at the clubhouse. Kenai Cup play is open to all golfers who are Kenai Golf Association members with an established handicap. There is lots of time to get your handicap going. Kenai Cup play is on Wednesday evenings with tee times assigned starting at 6 p.m. Two players team up for the nine-hole, match-play competition.

Men's Night

The men will have their Thursday evening golf start at 6 p.m. May 8 with their nine-hole, blind-draw scramble. The weekly event is open to any and all golfers no matter what their skill levels. All season passes are good for the event.

Kenai Golf Association

KGA membership applications are at the clubhouse and have been sent out in the mail. You may also go to and print out the application form, send it in or take it to the pro shop.

Kenai Golf Course Tournament Schedule

The site site has a list of the ongoing events at the Kenai Golf Course. The site has a schedule of the 2003 tournaments to be held at Kenai Golf Course, juniors events and rules, and many other handy golf links. You might also check out the Kenai Golf Course site at for more detailed information about the course, ratings, fees and other similar things.

Closing Thoughts

Tulip bulbs planted last fall next to the warm side of my house are now standing 8 inches tall. The excitement of golfing and gardening is so energizing! My clubs have been dusted off and are ready for play. After the winter separation from the fairways, it is so thrilling to visit with Kenai Golf Course golfers again. The springtime golfing excitement is so contagious!

Kenai Golf Course is ready for some awesome golfing! It really makes no difference to many how many strokes one takes on the course. The idea is to get out, do some walking, beat a ball around, enjoy fellow golfers and just get out and enjoy fresh air. Golfing in Alaska is pretty exciting! Call the clubhouse at 283-7500 for more information.

See you in the clubhouse.

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