Saturday, May 1, 2010

State right to challenge health care reform
Thank you, Governor Parnell, for having enough spine to have Alaska join the effort to repeal that ill-conceived Health Care travesty that was finally shoe-horned through Congress last month. My wife and I both worked our entire adult lives and paid our insurance premiums all those years and loved the coverage we had. But when we reached our 60's we were forced, by Government fiat, to go on Medicare and lose the insurance that we had relied on for years. Unfortunately, both of our primary care physicians have retired since, and with the smaller payments Medicare makes to doctors, we have had the Devil's own time finding any doctors that will add us to their patient lists. Now comes the new Government health care, which breaks the promises made to Senior Citizens, with even less money dedicated to Medicare coverage, and even lower payments to doctors, which further hinders our problems finding primary doctors. How did Americans ever allow ourselves to get into such a mess?

Health care reform would benefit Alaskans
Like many Alaskans, I have a pre-existing condition, for which I am discriminated against already by my insurance company. If Gov. Parnell succeeds in devoting State money to an anti-Health Care reform law lawsuit, here's just some of what Alaska would lose:

Cooperation makes tobacco summit a success
On behalf of the Alaska Tobacco Control Alliance (ATCA), I would like to thank the many organizations and individuals that helped to bring the 4th annual tobacco summit to the Kenai Peninsula from April 21-23, 2010.

Cook Inlet Academy benefits from contributions
The staff, parents and students of Cook Inlet Academy would like to thank all the many businesses who donated and helped in so many ways to make our carnival a resounding success! We were able to raise funds to upgrade technology at our school. Thank you to all the folks who attended the carnival and a special thank you to the following businesses:

Governor oversimplifies health care stance
Gov. Sean Parnell's decision earlier this month to have Alaska join 19 other states in a lawsuit to challenge the federal health care reform act is disappointing.

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