Highway cleanup efforts just left blowing in the wind

Posted: Monday, May 02, 2005

While driving home from Soldotna on April 23, I was angered to see the Sterling Highway at Skyview High School littered with large bags of trash being blown about by the wind. They had been out there for days.

Someone (I'm guessing kids) put quite a bit of effort into collecting this trash, only to have the adult sponsors of this community cleanup fail to fulfill their part, leaving the trash alongside the roadway to be scattered about by the wind, animals and bad drivers.

This is not the first time. I believe I remember seeing yellow bags blown about this same stretch of highway after a failed cleanup this same time last year.

I went back home to Kasilof, unloaded the groceries, and went back to town. I filled my truck with trash bags and hauled them to the dump. Each bag had big lettering advertising Unocal Community Cleanup, hosted by the Soldotna and Kenai chambers of commerce with special thanks to Peninsula Sanitation.

I don't believe these organizations are deserving of any thanks, not for their efforts on this stretch of highway.

The people who actually collected the trash certainly did their part; but the organizations only contributed to the litter problem with their trash bags advertising how great they are blowing in the wind. Maybe they thought this was good, cheap advertising.

If you fail to see that the trash makes it to the dump in a timely fashion, you are not equipped to organize a community cleanup, and I wish you'd take your failing efforts to some community I don't have to drive through.

Scott Deans, Kasilof

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