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Posted: Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Re: The Illegal Immigrant Problem

I cannot understand the mentality of these people, who seem to care for their families very much, while at the same time are committing an act which will ban the majority of them from ever getting a legal entry to this country. The quotas were set up to allow as many immigrants from all over the world as our country could accept and still provide a good standard of living. When they enter without legal application and in excess of the determined quota for their country, they are condemning themselves as well as many others to a living at poverty level, and not enough employment to go

around. This, as is obvious, leads to drugs, theft, and many more illegal acts, which certainly will not improve their status, or their arguments for staying here.

These people state they love this country and the benefits it has given them, yet many refuse to learn our language, wish to change our laws, and do not accept the terms of our constitution which they learn through their schooling. No wonder Mexico does not seem anxious to have them back!

With many immigrants, they wish to get an education to help improve and benefit their own countries and families who live in and love their own homes where their roots are. They obtain proper visas for studying, get the knowledge they seek and go back to hopefully better the living

conditions of themselves and their communities. Those who choose a profession where there are no opportunities in their own area of origin, apply for citizenship, learn our language and become welcome and productive citizens here, a procedure which has allowed our United States to become the stable way of life it is.

This raises the question in my mind (currently directed mostly at Mexico, due to the big parades that were featured on the TV recently) What is so wrong with their country that eleven million of their people were willing to commit an illegal act to sneak out of it? Don’t any of them have a love for their own country? Why? And why don’t they try to fix it? Not in the ancient kill or be killed way so many of the more backward governments seem to be stuck on, but legally though educated means and methods.

Suppose if we imposed a quota on how manya of our people could enter Mexico each year, if would affect their economy enough to get their attention? Do the American citizens now living in Mexico do it on visas, or without any need for permission, or any requirements to apply for local citizenship? Or is the money they spend enough to allow them this freedom? Pretty sad when money can be a satisfactory substitute for loyalty to country.

I do not agree to giving them citizenship just because they have managed to dodge our laws for a long time.

Georgia L. Griffin


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