Budget harmony on the backs of middle class, retirees

Posted: Monday, May 02, 2011

Ever wonder why Congress doesn't want to increase taxes for the rich? Check websites on the Internet. They show that 44 percent of Congress are millionaires. For those of you who think the freshmen members, most backed by the Tea Party, will save the country from financial annihilation, over 40 percent of them are shown to be millionaires.

We are being told that we shouldn't increase taxes for the rich because it would have a negative impact on economic recovery. Well, the Bush era tax cuts have been in existence for the rich and middle class going on eight years and look where the economy is today. Sure looks like it's working, doesn't it? I wonder, how many of those millionaires in Congress who are expounding this theory have medium or large numbers of employees on their private payrolls? I wonder, how many have or are going to take on new employees because they gave themselves a tax break? I wonder, how many are just putting the money in their pocket?

We are also being told small businesses that are beginning to grow will be severely impacted by imposing higher taxes on those making over $250,000. That may be true unless the IRS tax code is revised to give them tax breaks during startup and early growth. What a novel idea.

Those of us who have credit cards recognize that we need money to pay them off. Unlike the federal government that thinks it's OK to print more when the country needs it. The last time I checked, it was illegal for you or I to do the same thing. Drastic cuts in expenses and increases in income are the only way to pay the national debt down. To me, tax cuts for the rich, continuing foreign aid, millions in Medicare fraud, uncontrolled rising health costs, and Congressional pork aren't the way to achieve a debt free country.

If the USA spends millions or more as an ally in helping a country achieve the democracy desired by its populace, or to rid it of invading forces, it seems reasonable to bill them afterwards for our costs. What a novel idea.

Folks, we have a problem and we had better keep a close eye on Washington because the middle class and retirees invariably seem to be their Plan A for a resolution. They won't have a Plan B unless we speak up.

Dean Hill, Sterling

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