Isolation is the answer for borough misspending

Posted: Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My wife Samon and I are new members of ACT. With ACT’s success with regard to Props 4 and 5 and the Borough’s “business as usual attitude,” spend, spend, spend, we support the ACT-CAP proposed referendum.

Our Mayor, Assembly, etc. insist on opulent vacation junkets (which they term work) to Hawaii, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., foreign countries, etc. It is obvious to us (and should be to you) that our local government officials highly mistrust ourlocal electedofficials in Juneau as well as our“Kingston Trio” in Washington, D.C.

The borough voters are the only folk that determine how much borough government we want, period.

The solution is simple. Cut off all the money that fuelsthe opportunity at any waste like the success with Props 4 and 5. One successful referendum at a time will force our local Borough’s sphere of influence to strictly within its physical borders. Isolation is the bottom line answer.

Bill and Samon Arnold


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