Reader applauds Palin’s stance

Posted: Thursday, May 03, 2007

I have to give credit to Gov. Palin for standing up to the right-wing bullies of her party on the gay benefits issue. It was quite telling to watch them throw a tantrum and threaten to take everyone’s rights away if they couldn’t have their way. Again, who are they to tell someone who they can love? I’m sure they would be a little put out if the people told them that they didn’t like the mate they’d chosen for themselves and took away their benefits until they married someone we approved of.

We might not approve of it, but they’ve made their choice and will have to answer to God. This is the 21st century, we ought to know by now that no one can have the world exactly the way they want it.

Forcing someone to do things that contradicts their nature never has, and never will, work for very long. Why shouldn’t their chosen ones get the same benefits as everyone? As long as they don’t demand to use the word “marriage.” That’s for a man and a women. It always has been and should always be in the future.

Neil C. Robinson


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