Mayor should apologize for ‘flippant’ remarks

Posted: Thursday, May 04, 2006

On Sound-Off, April 7, (borough Mayor John Williams) was asked pointedly if he intended to publicly apologize for calling a group of individuals who are concerned about their taxes “terrorists.” His reply was “I don’t feel I should have to, because it is my opinion”, and that he is entitled to his opinion. Well, I for one voted for the mayor, but it is my opinion that I voted for the wrong person. I wish the mayor would have let us all know how he truly felt about anyone who has a different point of view other than his before the election. I assumed he worked for the people, and not the other away around.

Furthermore, he said it’s time to end with the differences and work together to fix the problems. In his arrogant and disrespectful manner (not to mention immature name-calling he staunchly defends), does he really think we are going to “work together”, especially when it appears he cares little of what the people want?

Mr. Fisher, assemblyman and co-host of Sound-Off, defended the mayor’s comment as just a “flippant” remark. In this day and age, you don’t make “flippant” remarks that could have severe consequences for others. Many federal government agencies do not take remarks like that as lightly as the mayor and the assembly. By maintaining their silence, it can only be assumed the assembly condones the mayor’s actions of labeling voters as “terrorists”.

The next time the mayor takes a trip, I’d like to see him make a “flippant” comment about having a gun or a bomb in his suitcase as he passes through the security checkpoint. Let’s see if they take it as lightly as the taxpayers of this borough are expected to. He can always defend his comment to TSA, referring to his constitutional rights

And, the longer they detain him at the airport, the more progress we’ll make here at home.

Carol James


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