Americans must protect southern border

Posted: Thursday, May 04, 2006

What I d like to know is why our National Guard is fighting in Iraq and not patrolling our Southern borders? OK, we’re in Iraq because the President said he decides what’s best for this country. So it must be war. But we are being invaded by another country thru our Southern border.

If all the Government Officials and people who are sworn to uphold the law of this Great Nation are not doing something about this, aren’t they breaking the law by breaking their oath to the people?

They say their just a bunch of people looking for work. To do the jobs Americans won’t do. Well, if they become Americans who’ll be there to take their place when they won’t do those jobs either? And it’s estimated there are over 11,000,000 illegal aliens in our country. Eleven million potential terrorists if we don’t do what they want. Wait, if we don’t do what they want? It sounds like it’s already starting.

Charlie Disney


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