City should keep nose out of property owners’ business

Posted: Thursday, May 04, 2006

The newly enacted landscaping rules for unimproved residential lots is nothing more than city government interfering with the rights of private property owners. Residential lots within a subdivision usually have covenants that restrict what owners may or may not do. Now the city requires new and unnecessary hoops to jump through before you can do anything landscaping wise to “your property.” If I own a residential lot and want to cut down every tree and remove all natural vegetation to plant nothing but grass, it’s noone’s business but mine. It’s “my property.”

Now it seems you will have to submit a landscaping site plan to get the city’s permission as to what trees you may remove and what natural vegetation you have to keep. So much for “private property rights.”

Oh, one last thing on a different topic; I applaud council member Robert Molloy for voting against the $24,000 of public funds for the Challenger Center. My wife Susan and I own a gift shop and greenhouse here in Kenai and I don’t think the city council will appropriate any funding for our utility bills. Our gas bill last month was $2,000, do you think the city has any spare change they want to throw our way?

Porter Jordan


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