Assault on senior benefits appears to be in vogue

Posted: Thursday, May 05, 2005

There seems to be a generation out there that wants to take all senior benefits away.

Whenever you need a little more money, it's "don't raise my taxes. We can just take away another seniors exemption. Look at twhat we will save. Those old farts won't fight back, just look how easy it was for Murkowski to take their Longevity Bonus."

Now after the big hoopla over the property tax exemption, I hear the new chancellor at the college wants to do away with the senior exemption. What's next? The fishing and hunting license? I can't do hunting anymore, but a fine young neighbor tries to take me fishing a couple of times a year, but I wouldn't buy a license just for that.

You know it was your mom and dad, or grandparents that gave us this help because of respect and the knowledge of what limited income means.

Anyway, take if from the seniors ... they won't fight back. And just look in the mirror: you are on your way to becoming a senior.

Bill Rackley, Kenai

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