You get what you vote for

Posted: Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Republicans who can't get this endless "special session" over have proven that elections matter; and that you get what you vote for. A Republican Governor, A Republican led House and Senate, and all we're getting is endless political fighting when session should have legally ended weeks ago.

How's that for Conservatism. Our legislators don't get their job done. Our Governor doesn't help things along. And we keep paying for it in plane flights, per diem payments and daily stories of bickering.

Well, you voted Republican, you got Republican. The only sensible calls have come from Democrats who've called on the parties to quit drawing artificial lines in the sand, and for the Governor to get involved, and help, rather than hinder the development on an energy plan that reduces energy costs for Alaskans across the state.

Robert L. (Bob) Buch, Anchorage

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