Mining companies should back promises with cash

Posted: Thursday, May 05, 2011

It should be apparent by now that Northern Dynasty and its curious partners have won.

The money from mega corporations is funneling into the pockets of the bandits in Juneau who were elected to safeguard the people's interests. Recent news articles tell us that the permitting phase is moving forward. The "guardians of the people's trust" are selling out for the money. Within a few years the blasting and bulldozing will begin to decimate the pristine headwaters of Bristol Bay.

How about insurance for the fishing industry? Here's the deal: Before one bulldozer blade cuts the tundra, a $250,000 escrow/trust account should be set up for every single licensed commercial fisherman who relies on sea creatures from the affected area. If one drop of poisonous mining crud enters the watershed, the operation will be shut down, the clean up will be done, and the money will be immediately dispensed to the fishers. The operation shall not be restarted until the escrows are replenished, awaiting the next time something they guarantee won't go wrong does.

To Northern Dynasty and the other multi-national corporations fixing to rape Alaska, I say "Put your money behind your promises that nothing will go wrong. Put up or go away."

And another thing: How about levying the same percentage on mining production as on the oil industry? Two PFD checks are better than one.

Norm Olson, Nikiski

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