Letters to the Editor

Posted: Monday, May 06, 2002

Last week's tax vote predictable; public should vote on tax bills

If Reps. Drew Scalzi, R-Homer, and Ken Lancaster, R-Soldotna, would have run their election campaigns under their true colors as "tax and spend" liberals who favor an income tax and taking away the permanent fund, they would never have been elected.

The tax vote was entirely predictable. As long as liberal Democrats masquerade as Republicans and the conservative public buys it, we will continue to pay higher taxes and eventually lose the entire permanent fund.

Why not put all these tax bills to the vote of the public?

The outcome would be even more predictable than the vote Thursday! Of course the poor common man does not know what's best for him. We must leave that to those who know better what we need than do we.

Ron Blough


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