Posted: Wednesday, May 06, 2009

On March 28th, 2009 there was a meeting at the Soldotna Sports center with more than 200 people in attendance for the Second Amendment Task Force. Local concerned citizens who are concerned about losing our second amendment rights to bear arms were there as our constitutional rights were discussed and questions were answered. Bob Bird of Nikiski was there and primarily responsible for putting this together.

If you have never heard Bob Bird speak let me tell you this much; this guy can be on my team any time. Bob is a very good speaker and in my brief experiences with Bob he calls a spade a spade and there is no beating around the bush about it. What is that comment from the back about a bird in the bush? Seriously I have a lot of respect for Bob and thankful for his efforts for putting together this meeting. I have heard nothing but good things coming from this meeting.

To my fellow Alaskans I think gun control is a very serious issue not only here but all across the lower 48 as well. I think perhaps more than any place in the United States we need our guns here in Alaska. I think if you believe as I do, then we all must do our part in protecting our gun rights. Don't just complain down at the bar or the coffee shops, actually write to your congressional leaders and tell them what is really on your mind. If they fail to respond then vote them out! No second chances. They are gone, after all who are they working for?

Imagine living here in Alaska with no guns at all. No gun also means no more hunting either. So when you and your family want to hike up in the mountains but you're not allowed any kind of firearm for protection. You can't protect your cabin or yourselves in Caribou Hills because you are not allowed to have any weapons. You must resort to primitive methods (sticks and stones) to protect yourself.

The bear population would soar, especially here on the Kenai Peninsula which in my opinion already has way too many bears anyway. If people did not thin any bears out at all protecting their property just think how many bears we would have here.

Imagine going out berry picking in remote areas but not being allowed any guns for protection from bears or even getting caught by an angry moose. Of course Cousin Bruce can't figure out why all relatives insist he goes with them every time they pick berries. Everyone knows then can all out run poor 'ol Bruce should that one in a million chance of being threatened by a bear comes up.

Imagine hearing a noise in your home at 3 a.m. in the morning and you reach for the gun you have always had beside your bed only to find it gone and a stack of new gun legislation in its place. How comforting would that be to know that you can't even protect your own home any more. You reach for the phone but it is dead! Whoever is in your home has also cut your phone lines! You can tell by the creaking board on the floor that your unwanted visitor is just outside your door!

You remember your cell phone is on the charger in the kitchen and realize just how helpless you really are in this situation. You have worked all your life, paid taxes and yet were able to save and buy your dream place with a nice view and now your government won't even allow you to protect yourselves.

You know that whatever happens in the next few minutes is very critical as to whether or not you will even live through this situation. You also know that the thief in your home knows you're not armed either. Do you think the politician that you voted for in the previous election that in turn voted to take away your gun rights is going to jump through the window and protect you? Of course not. So then why do we even let any of them think they are getting away with this? Stand up for your rights my fellow Alaskans, and do it now! If you truly believe those guns are yours and you are going to keep them let those gun control people know exactly how you feel!

I have no desire to go back to the cave man days and hunting in a primitive manner just because someone else chooses not to have guns or not to hunt. I think most of you feel the same way here, so stand your ground and make a sound. Let your voices be heard in Washington and Juneau. I personally will help any of you write letters if you feel you need a little help in expressing exactly how you feel. And I will do this for free! I can be reached at 398-8728 at any time of the day. For you that know Bob Bird personally give him a slap on the back and tell him good job from 'ol JOHN.

See you next week!

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