Four children stabbed at elementary school

Posted: Monday, May 07, 2001

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- Four children were stabbed in the neck by a man at an elementary school who was later shot with rubber bullets and subdued by police Monday morning.

The childrens' injuries did not appear to be life threatening, said Anchorage Police Department spokesman Ron McGee. The victims were rushed to two local hospitals.

The stabbing occurred just about 8:10 a.m. (AST) shortly before classes were to begin at Mountain View Elementary School.

Student Ashley Smith, 11, described two of the victims as her brothers, Billy Moy, 8, and Eric Moy, 9.

She and her brothers were in the cafeteria waiting in line for breakfast when a man approached them, she said.

''This man, something was wrong with him. He was on drugs or something,'' she said.

The man approached her brother, Billy.

''He had a knife and started cutting him, his throat,'' she said.

At first Ashley thought it was just Billy who was injured but then she saw that Eric was holding his neck as well. Smith's grandfather, Keith Leonard, said both the boys have had surgery and are doing well.

Randy Smith, chairman of the local community patrol, was among the first to arrive on the scene. He found the suspect in a classroom with a teacher and an injured boy.

''He was threatening everybody. He came towards us a couple of times. We kept him from getting out of the classroom,'' Smith said. ''He was rambling and saying religious stuff. Stuff that made no sense.''

The suspect had broken a window on a classroom door and had thrown desks into the hallway, Smith said.

''There was glass everywhere, the kid was crying on the floor. It was pretty confusing,'' Smith said.

Police arrived about three minutes later and shot the suspect with three rubber bullets.

McGee described the suspect as an Alaska Native man in his 30s. He was also taken to a local hospital for treatment of the bullet wounds.

At least one of the students ran bleeding into the school, headed for the office, McGee said.

''There's blood all over the school,'' McGee said. ''A lot of blood all over the hallway.''

McGee said about 20 students witnessed the attack. Police kept those students at Mountain View Elementary. The rest of the students were bussed to nearby Tyson Elementary School where school officials were to account for all the students before releasing them to their parents.

Evette Carmack rushed to the Mountain View school from her job at Alaska Regional Medical Center, still dressed in pink hospital scrubs. She has two children at the school, fifth-grader Christopher and second-grader Jasmine.

She said she came as soon as she'd heard about the shooting.

''I came from Chicago to get away from all this,'' Carmack said. ''To get a better life for my kids.''

Another parent, Jo Cromarty, also showed up to pick up her two sons, fourth-grader Quinton and second-grader Kevin.

''Mine luckily were late (for school) this morning,'' Cromarty said.

For a time, police suspected a fifth child had been attacked in woods adjacent to the school. Dogs were used to search the woods, but no one was found, McGee said.

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