Peninsula's junk soon will overshadow pristine views

Posted: Friday, May 07, 2004

I'm a recent transplant to this wonderful state from the Lower 48. I've asked myself dozens of times in the past year why it took me so long to make the move up to the "Last Great Frontier."

But I'm very concerned about something. This beautiful area of our great state is being overrun by junk. You can't drive up the Spur Highway without seeing junk cars and junk piled and abandoned in numerous spots along the road.


Aren't there recycling centers where vehicles, barrels, heavy equipment, etc. can be taken free of charge to be disposed of? I'm appalled by the apparent lack of respect for the environment or concern about the future of our countryside by the residents of our area.

Does the borough have a plan or place where vehicles or large debris can be taken to be disposed of? Is there enforcement of abandoned vehicle laws? Are there laws to be enforced when people just pull vehicles off the road some place and leave them?

We live in too beautiful of a state to allow this to continue. Where will we see unencumbered nature in a few years with all the "dead" vehicles piled up in front of it?

Coleen Bowers, Kenai

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