Hat irritates reader

Posted: Thursday, May 07, 2009

I was among the gathering at the Soldotna Sports Center the night of April 28. I am, what some people have called a dinosaur because of my strong belief that individuals are responsible for their own actions. At the gathering, a young person, Schaeffer Cox, one of the organizers, stood in front of the audience wearing his hat during the singing of the national anthem. He was challenged by someone in the crowd for not removing his hat.

We had come together as a group in support of the United States Constitution and the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Immediately, one of the presenters disrespected our symbol of national unity, the singing of the national anthem and presentation of the flag by not removing his hat. I also noticed that Cox's hat was different from those worn by anyone else at the meeting. Do we surmise that was to draw our attention to his disrespect to the anthem/flag?

At one point in the presentation we were enlightened as to why Cox did not remove his hat/cap. It sounded like Nancy Pelosi telling the American people she didn't know about interrogation methods.

So what did this gathering do exactly? It informed me that there is yet another group of individuals in search of power (public office). We are at a point in our society where power is the game. We no longer have true statesmen, just power brokers. Remember, like Arlen Specter, senator from Pennsylvania, power is everything.

I honestly believe the majority of Americans care little about what the government (local/national) does, as long as it doesn't interfere with their social entertainment.

As I sat pondering the information being given, a question entered my mind. I wondered how many of the people in attendance had voted in the last presidential election. We can voice opposition to what happens in national politics only if we vote in the selection process.

Remember how Cox tried to cover his disrespect for our national anthem by deception? Deception by saying he didn't salute an admiralty flag. Did he not notice that the national anthem was being sung by a young person and everyone else had removed their hats? His hat should have been in his hand.

The moral of this letter is: If you don't understand how politicians operate, educate yourself.

George Parks


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