Nicholson, Liedes land top bowling honors

Posted: Friday, May 07, 2010

Peninsula Striker bowlers Amber Nicholson and Josh Liedes landed top honors with recent victories in the scholastic league end-of-season finals at Alaskalanes.

Amber, a second-season bowler, made a mountainous climb on her trek toward a title, first with a semifinal win over Gracie Kautz, the 2009 Frank Lee Memorial tournament division III all-events champion.

In the semifinal match, Amber started the match in a deficit when Gracie covered a spare in the second frame. Amber quickly recovered with back-to-back marks in the third and fourth frames to take the lead that she carried on until the end for a 118 game, a 14-pin victory and passage to the title match.

In the championship match, Amber now faced Tyler Yamada. Tyler is a two-time Alaska Youth Scholarship tournament champion and holder of many other awards and titles.

In the first part of the match, Amber maintained a small lead with handicap, scoring mostly nine-counts throughout the first four frames. In frames five and six, Amber converted back-to-back marks, including a strike, to continue her lead going into the second half of the match.

In the all-crucial ninth and 10th frames, Amber kept pace with Tyler, achieving good count and converting her spares, for a 127 game and an eight-pin victory.

Along with her title, Amber received $400 in scholarship money.

In the varsity division, Josh Liedes went up against the highly decorated and very competitive Tasha Waterbury.

Tasha started out quickly, taking a commanding lead by rolling back-to-back strikes in the first two frames. Josh maintained his composure rolling his own double starting in the second frame. As the match rolled on, Josh continued to chip away at the early lead and eventually turn the tide in his favor as he converted all marks for the first eight frames.

In the ninth frame, Josh left a split but more than made up for it in the 10th when he struck out for a 192 game and the win.

CPR crowned league champions

Friday evening Wild-N-Wacky bowlers Teresa Watson, Dollie Nicholson, Marty Pierce and Leah Updike captured a title in last Friday's roll-off. The four make up a team called CPR.

Dollie Nicholson led the team to victory with scores of 143, 167 and 115 for a 425 series and a 59-pins-over-average performance. Dollie's 425 series was the third-highest pins over average for the roll-off.

Marty Pierce also rolled well above her 128 average, with scores of 142, 137 and 146 for a 425 series.

Second place went to Gutter Queens, made up of Valerie Leggett, Krissy Mahan, Brenda Johnson and Melody Mounts.

Valerie Leggett scored the best over-average performance with games of 133, 143 and 166 for a 442 series and an 85-pins-over-average set.

Alaska Waste, made up of Colleen Denbrock, Karen Munger, Donna Tachick and Melanie Papp, collected third place.

Fourth place went to Petterson Construction, made up of Peggy Marchant, Pat Nikolas, Michele Petterson and Soni Burzinski.

Peggy Marchant scored the high game for the roll-off with four strikes in a row for a 207 game.

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