Saturday, May 7, 2011

'Scooby Doo' to the rescue
I want to especially thank the family in the "Scooby Doo" van for taking the time to pullover and help me when I had tire trouble. They went back to Soldotna, bought me three new lug nuts, returned and put them on, securing my visibly wobbly tire. They refused my offer of $20 for their time, gas and effort. It's not to often you run into this kind of generosity with one's time and money. Thank you for demonstrating their is still humanity in our world.

Grateful for the good in our community
For over 20 years, I've been writing angry letters to the editor decrying the practices of predatory insurance companies and politicians who feather their nests at our expense.

Kenai Youth Court appreciates support
The Kenai Peninsula Youth Court took part with other agencies in Homer as we presented and highlighted alcohol and drug free activities for Homer every Friday in April, to celebrate clean and sober living and to support our community members working on recovery. The activities culminated last weekend, when we had help from the Central Peninsula communities, for which we are very grateful.

TOTE scholarship support appreciated
I am writing to thank Totem Ocean Trailer Express for their recent generous gift to Project GRAD Kenai Peninsula's Scholarship Program. TOTE's commitment to helping rural, minority youth access higher education is appreciated by those who help them toward this milestone and, most importantly, by the youth who have personally worked hard to earn the scholarship.

Thanks for the rescue
I was picking up trash along the Sterling Highway. I'd worn my breakup boots knowing trash blew into the wetlands at the bottom of the hill going out of Soldotna. Having fallen in last year, I was stepping carefully as I reached out to get that piece of yellow plastic. Got it. Into my sack it went. I started to turn around. I was stuck. The mud had caused suction around my boots. I waved my arms for help. Folks in trucks whizzing by cheerily waved back at me. I called for help, but my fellow bag ladies were too far away to hear me.

KPTMC makes tax pitch: Marketing council wants to 'reinvest' proposed levy on tourism industry
Shanon Hamrick, executive director of the Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council, said her organization is working to find a long-term answer to its current funding woes.

Change of Pace for zoning? Neighbors opposed to rezone of Soldotna parcels
Soldotna's Planning and Zoning Commission decided Wednesday not to recommend a rezoning of several lots at the intersection of the Sterling Highway and Pace Street after neighborhood residents spoke out against the change.

Kenai ups parking fees for dipnet fishery
Kenai's City Council approved a fee increase for parking and camping near the beach during the state's personal-use fishery.

Jacoby D. Angleton
Lifelong Nikiski resident Jacoby D. Angleton, 25, died Saturday, April 30, 2011, in Anchorage.

The bitter taste of 'mission accomplished'
To say that President Barack Obama's decision this week to send an elite strike team after Osama bin Laden was gutsy is an understatement. The move was that of a bold leader, guided by some of the best military and foreign policy minds in the world.

For the love of cod
While halibut and salmon attract most of the attention of anglers and the media, Pacific cod flop around on the sidelines, scarcely noticed. It's high time someone praised cod.

Kenai Cost-Share Habitat Restoration and Protection Program: a landowner's perspective

Around the Peninsula

Recycle those old electronic items

Adults' behavior sets example for children
We often forget how perceptive our children are. I am reminded of this regularly when my kids, 4 and 3 years old, say something like, "Dad needs coffee" when we pass Kaladi's on the road or "Ooh, daddy needs that guitar for church" when we're browsing through a music catalogue. The reality is that although kids are loud, difficult to understand, and incapable of sitting still, they perceive many of the things you do, say, or feel.

Church Briefs

Biker blessing planned

Anatomy of a staff
Last week we discussed the offensive side of the baseball. This week, let's talk pitching. Putting together the Oilers pitching staff is not as easy as signing 12 guys with good arms. We try to break it down to specific roles and recruit pitchers who fit those roles.

Soldotna walks over Kenai: Kardinals pitchers have trouble finding strike zone in NLC loss
Had the Soldotna softball team left its bats in the parking lot, it wouldn't have mattered.

Bears' Granato earns Academic Achievement Award
Of course Dominic Granato was solving a crossword puzzle when he received the phone call from Kenai River Brown Bears coach Oliver David.

Oilers Corner: Oilers sign 3 more
Kellen St. Luce, Jeff Yamaguchi and John Maciel have signed with the Peninsula Oilers for the 2011 season, the club announced Tuesday.

Homer boys nip Nikiski: Girls play to tie
The Homer boys soccer team scored in the final 30 seconds to edge Nikiski 2-1 in Northern Lights Conference Southern Division action Thursday.

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