Birch Ridge Golf Report: A primer on golf

Posted: Thursday, May 08, 2003

The origin of the word "golf" from its Celtic beginnings is vague, uncertain and, quite possibly, the biggest joke ever played on modern man by his prankish ancestors.

The dictionary-defined object of the game (to get the ball into each hole in as few strokes as possible) sends yours truly into laughing spasms. The handicap (a number representing strokes allocated to players) is meant to equalize competitors.

It's also supposed to decrease with the increase of experience and number of years played. I've been playing golf for 15 years my allocated number goes up every year. So, why do I keep going back for more? Have you looked outside lately?

We've had golfers playing on the Birch Ridge Golf Course since February of this year. I figure with the longer season Mother Nature granted us, I'll have more time to improve my lie ... game.

I'll have enough choices: May 5 begins the Senior League (for those 50 years of age and older), followed by the Men's League and both Women's Leagues on May 7, May 8 and May 13, respectively.

The Hospice Auction and Putting Contest takes place May 16. For this great cause, you've got nothing to lose by signing up and giving it your best shot. By the end of May, both Women's and Men's Birch Ridge Cup matches begin.

The pro shop and driving range are both open for business. I'm a firm believer in acquiring the necessary dress for play the better one looks, the better one intimidates the competition. The driving range is a great place to practice those Tiger shots as well as that "fore" word the only time I need to.

In coming months I'll have more tidbits of information for you about tournaments, winners, losers perhaps throw in a golf rule or two for you to digest. But if you really want to have some fun, come out to the Birch Ridge Golf Course and play nine or more. Heck, come play golf with me you'll forever feel better about your game.

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