Parking seniors a scheme to bail out Social Security

Posted: Monday, May 08, 2006

The week-ender issue of the Wall Street Journal (March 25-26) had an article on the campaign all across the country to get old people out of their cars and the extreme unhappiness this causes the elderly. It also said that all across the country, the elderly are fighting back.

The reason why the government is trying to get elderly people out of their cars is that the government would like to expunge the elderly from the face of the earth. If all the old people disappeared, then the government would not have to pay social security to them.

Sociality security is basically a “Ponzie Scheme.” A “Ponzie Scheme” is named after an “investment” seller in New York City: Mr. Ponzie would tell potential “investors” in his scheme that if they would but his “investment,” they would get so much return on their “investment.” He would then sell the same “investment” to someone else, and take a little of the money this new buyer paid to give to the first buyer. The trouble was that he could not get new buyers fast enough to keep paying what he promised.

Right now social security is working because most of the people drawing social security were born during the depression and World War II, when the birth rate was very small. After World War II, we had the “baby boom.” Later, oral birth control was invented and we got the “baby dearth” generation. This year (2006) the first group of the baby boomers turn 60. What will happen when the “baby boom” generation try to get paid for social security from the “baby dearth” generation?

The government can’t pay the retirement they promised to the baby boomers, and they know it. This is why they would like the seniors to just “fade” away. One way to do this is to make them so unhappy by taking their freedom and cars away from them, that people just loses interest in living.

It seems that the only people that it is OK to discriminate against are the old. Taking driving licenses away from old people is discrimination. Further, the group that has the worst driving records are teenagers, not the old. Let us stop discriminating against the old by taking their cars away. When you take someone’s car from him, you take away his freedom and happiness.

Esther Rhines


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