To erase wakes, give hovercrafts a try

Posted: Monday, May 08, 2006

My vote (to whether the horsepower limit of motors on the Kenai River should be increased to 50) would be no. I was on the Advisory Board to Parks in the ‘80s when the 35hp was chosen. It was a good compromise between 200 plus hp jet boats and less than 35. It was partially selected because only one builder (I think) made 35s but not enough votes for 20 or slightly larger models but below 40hp.

Presently I am again on the Advisory Board and it is just that, advisory. We should be mature enough to not get our noses out of joint if our opinion, even if on a majority vote is not utilized.

Originally, the jet boats, air boats, and hovercraft were outlawed on the river, if I remember correctly. Hovercraft have now obtained enough changes so that they could be given a test on the river. I hope the Divisions of Parks cooperates with some local company that might be interested in maintaining one, and a company that makes them to give them a good try. They are not the makers of wakes to the degree that 50hp outboards make them.

Floyd Heimbuch


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