Answer to gas prices: Nationalize

Posted: Monday, May 08, 2006

The price of fuel in Venezuela is $.12 per gallon (adjusted to U.S. dollars and measurements). This means that profit for the big oil companies is what we peasants pay at the pump minus $.12. This paints a true picture of ultimate greed.

Solution: Nationalize the oil industry, confiscate the oil producing equipment, hire the former employees of the oil industry, and after administering “due process” execute the greedy, “wonderful people” — politically correctness is a must.

If no one can direct such an operation, contact Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela. I’m almost sure that he can handle the job, and would be glad to help.

President Hugo Chavez helped the people of the north/eastern USA by selling them cheap heating oil this winter. Good man, wouldn’t you say?

Catlin Melvin


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