Reader encourages residents to think

Posted: Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Oh you foolish people. Can’t you see what these politicians are trying to do to us? Can’t you sense the danger? Can’t you see that if tax revenue is derived from property taxes, all that is necessary to fill the coffers of ambitious and greedy governments is to raise property values? What protection — yes that’s the word — will you have if you allow money-grubbing politicians to put your property in jeopardy? Do you think for a minute that lower-caps are not just around the corner? Do you think they are not looking at eliminating the $150,000 cap that you and so many others benefit from?

Think! Sure it’s an emotional issue when the old and weak are targeted. But beyond that, consider that if this vulnerable group can be exploited, how much easier the young and hardworking? As emotional as the issue is, it’s not about protecting the elderly and disabled veterans. It’s about protection for us all. Since governments continue to centralize and consolidate their power; vote in their own pay raises; and gobble up our hard-earned dollars at the trough of unbridled spending, do you think for a minute that higher property taxes are not ahead for us all?

Think! Gary Superman and other politicians of his ilk have a plan to provide for their feather-bedding and to redistribute wealth to potential voters for their own scheming political ambition. Their plan is to eliminate all exemptions. By getting us to vilify and hold the elderly and disable veterans in contempt, they are working on their plan to eventually target other groups, as well. This is just the beginning. Those who vote to cap special exemptions for the old and disabled veterans will very soon be in the crosshairs themselves. Given the chance, these sharks will attack every property owner. No one will be safe.

Think! Missing from the discussion is the permanent fund dividend qualification guideline whereby only those who permanently abide in Alaska be permitted to enjoy property tax exemption. What happened to that idea? If the government locusts want to raise money, why not say that only true residents receive any kind of property tax exemption? How many nonpermanent residents benefit from the $150,000 cap now? What’s wrong with “No PFD, no property tax exemption,” period?

At the very least, leave our full-time residents, the elderly and disabled veterans alone. At best, look at those who are not permanent residents and yet benefit from property taxes exemptions.

Norm Olson


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