Warm weather means more time on the road

Posted: Friday, May 09, 2008

It goes without saying, yet sometimes it helps to be reminded.

If you happen to be out and about on the Sterling and Seward highways this weekend, you won't be alone. According to a press release from Alaska State Troopers, law enforcement on the Kenai Peninsula is conducting a specialized traffic enforcement effort. This means troopers, the wildlife troopers and the Kenai Police Department will make their presence known along the roadways.

"The goal of this enforcement is to get motorist to practice safe summer driving techniques," the release says. "In the summer months, fishing season draws both Alaska residents and out-of-state visitors to the Kenai Peninsula. As a result, the number of motor vehicles traveling on the Kenai Peninsula roadways increases dramatically. AST asks that motorist keep safety as their number one priority and to be aware of road conditions and other motorist while enjoying their weekend."

While brake lights might warn you off to oncoming patrol cars, the agencies will have aerial support and unmarked vehicles watching our highways, as well.

We're not trying to tip you off, we're reminding you that driving is a responsibility, and those who can't follow the rules and be safe behind the wheel will get a reminder.

It's unfortunate that we need such enforcement to jog our memories, but think of it as a little nudge to get us thinking about our warm-weather driving habits.

Remember this is the time when wildlife starts to reappear, so keep your eyes on the car ahead of you. If they're tourists, expect the unexpected when a moose emerges from the trees.

If you're gawking, remember the five-car rule: pull over and let others pass you safely, don't hold up the line. That's when people get impatient and become daredevils in the passing game.

It doesn't make much sense to race to your destination, either, and these days, with the price of gas, driving the speed limit is a great way to save bucks. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you're going.

Above all, wear your seat belt. Wherever you're going, we want you to come back in one piece. Besides, it's the law.

Be careful out there.

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