Alaska Balladeer Hobo Jim produces theme song for 2006 Arctic Winter Games...

Posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2005


  True to his title "Alaska Balladeer" Hobo Jim has written "Spirit" the theme song for the AWG 2006.

True to his title "Alaska Balladeer" Hobo Jim has written "Spirit" the theme song for the AWG 2006.

The Kenai Peninsula 2006 Arctic Winter Games Host Society recently announced the official theme song of the upcoming Games. The song based on the theme of the Games "Release the Spirit Within," is called "Spirit" and was written and recorded by Alaskan balladeer Hobo Jim for the international sporting and cultural event.

"This anthem reflects the spirit of Alaska as well as the Arctic Winter Games. Hobo Jim is known around the world for songs that capture the heart of Alaskans. We were delighted when he agreed to write and produce a theme song for the Games as a gift to the Peninsula Host Society and those participating in the event," said Tim Dillon, general manager for the '06 Arctic Winter Games (AWG).

Some of the lyrics are, "It's the Spirit of the North that makes us who we are. It's the challenges we face beneath a common star. Faster... stronger... reach higher... go longer... if you really want to win... release the spirit within. From across the northern lands where the spirit never rests we welcome all the ones who dare to be the best. How far can you go? They're no limits when you try. So let that spirit an eagle when she flies."

Hobo Jim has written thousands of songs that include the "Iditarod Trail" and "Where Legends are born," which were broadcast internationally when ABC's Good Morning America visited Alaska in 1995. "I think it's one of the best songs I've ever done," said Hobo, "There was a special magic that happened in the studio when we were recording it in Nashville with Grammy Award nominee Ilya Tosynski from Moscow, Russia doing the banjo part, it was like the music brought us together from different cultures and we were all cheering on the athletes that will be coming to the Kenai Peninsula to compete."

"Spirit," the official theme song for the 2006 Arctic Winter Games is being released to media outlets of all seven participating circumpolar nations and will be aired throughout Alaska. You can also listen to the theme song by going online to the AWG web site at

The 2006 Arctic Winter Games will be held on the Kenai Peninsula in March, 2006 and is expected to include over 1,900 athletes and cultural performers and 1,500 special guests from seven participating circumpolar nations including Canada, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the U.S.A. (Alaska). The 7-day event will require over 3,000 volunteers and is expected to attract another 5,000 spectators.

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