Stevens, Young need to focus on what’s best for Alaska

Posted: Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Throughout the past several weeks, Senator Ted Stevens and Congressman Don Young, both representing Alaska, have created amendments in an attempt to end America’s first offshore wind farm, Cape Wind. Cape Wind Associates is attempting to build several wind turbines off of the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

This project would reduce oil consumption by 113 million gallons annually and be a gateway to future alternative energy opportunities.

The use of renewable energy sources is crucial for Alaska, which is the state that is currently most endangered by global warming with the melting of its tundra and glaciers and the rise in sea levels leading to coastal erosion.

Investing in renewable energies like wind energy is imperative for Alaska’s environment and for the rest of the United States.

Senator Stevens and Congressman Young are focusing on locations other than Alaska. We must ask ourselves, were these men elected to their positions to make back room political moves that shed a bad light on this state? No, they should always put the needs of Alaska and the country as a whole first.

Unfortunately, they have been trying to stifle a crucial project so we cannot let that happen.

Please, as concerned citizens of the Last Frontier, contact Ted Stevens and Don Young and tell them to focus on their beloved home state and stop attempting to halt Cape Wind, a project that will only improve Alaska’s well-being in the future. Take advantage of living in a democracy. I know you care. You have a big say and wouldn’t it be great to make a difference?

Allison S. Bard

Middlebury, Vt.

Former Homer resident

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