Language barrier isn’t the problem

Posted: Thursday, May 10, 2007

The United States has always encouraged immigrants to come to these shores. It is engraved on the Statue of Liberty, so why would we pretend we must all speak English? Proper English comes from England, and it is the hardest language in the world for other countries to learn. Don’t tell me everyone speaks proper English in this country.

The Native Americans were stripped of their native tongue and physically contained by a deceitful cabal of thieves and murderers, who then opened the gates for the entire world to come in and claim their fair share of free land. The takeover was fairly easy as the Natives of this grand land believed “no man can own the land, the air or the water.”

No one ever truly believed we must all speak English. After all, that would have angered the new French Americans, the new German Americans, the new Irish Americans, and yes, the new English Americans. Who cared if we angered the “first people?” After all, they were just “savages” who didn’t speak English. The law should have made everyone learn to speak the Native tongue of the first people, before they became citizens of this country, wherever they hailed from. It would have meshed into one language, rather like the hip-hop language has done today.

Nothing of this country has been right or fair in the last 200-plus years. Was it fair to separate the African people from their loved ones, enslaving them to serve the wealthy land thieves in America? No. Is it fair to kill an entire nation of people for their oil resources? No.

Our wonderful “one world” progress has killed the entire planet, so who is the real loser here? Man-made dirty uranium kills all life.

This planet will eventually be another red-dusted, dead Mars with a half-life of 1.4 billion years before humans can populate again, if ever. A half-life.

God help our children’s children. Nothing is fair in this world, and sadly, the resources for human survival are shrinking fast. We shouldn’t complain about petty language barriers when our world is being stuffed into a coffin right before our very eyes. Take that brother by the hand and help him better understand, language is not the barrier. The global corporations have killed us.

Maka Fairman


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